Getting Things Done Today that I Put Off Yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t get any housework done after our ultra sound appointment. Between feeling totally beat up from over working this past weekend and feeling stressed out from what the doctor said, I just took it easy. I didn’t even make dinner! Aidan handled that bit and made panini’s. They were really good and tasted even better because I didn’t have to make them :)

After dinner I told Aidan to leave the dishes and that I would get them in the morning. I felt bad because he worked all day, then stopped at the market, and when he got home cooked for everyone. He said he felt like he should have washed them because he made the mess. It irritated me slightly because maybe he feels that way about when I cook.. That I should also clean up because I made the mess. That’s fucked up, if so. I think that who ever cooks shouldn’t have to then clean up, that the people who aren’t working while dinner is being made should at least pitch in. Of course, I do the clean up normally because that’s who I am, but it bothered me with just the thought that he could think that way.

Tonight he is going out with his buddy after work. I don’t mind when he goes out but they just got together a few weeks ago and they always do it on a week night and it takes them 5 hours. I’ve said it here before a million times that I like to go to sleep early so this really fucks me up. It also gets me mad that they can’t make plans during the day on a weekend sometime. When I go out with my friends (which isn’t often, by my choice) I end up bringing Henry with me and schedule it for a time when I’m not needed for something. But whatever, he needs his time to destress and it is good for him. If he comes home and criticizes me for Henry not being asleep or being asleep in our bed or anything else, I will punch him in the nuts. Not really. But I’ll want to and he’ll know it.

Since I didn’t do any decluttering yesterday I feel like I need to tackle two areas today. I’m going to try going thru Henry’s closet and the rarely used one in my room. I know I can clear out some of my shoes that I want to consign because let’s face it, my awesome shoe days are far behind me. I’ve been holding onto them for four years and I think it’s time to move on. There are also some things in Henry’s closet that just don’t belong there, if in our house at all. They should be easy areas to free up space in while Henry plays with his toys and watches his shows, too.

The laundry room really needs a cleaning but I can’t bring him down there, it’s too dangerous as it is also our tool room and he won’t stay in a play yard any more. I also cleared it out a few months back so it would be more a reorganizing and cleaning task than a decluttering project. I’ll save that for another day when I am pissed off about something and my energy level is high.

Well, I have a ton of cleaning to get done and only 50 40 minutes left until Henry wakes up. I’d better get to it. I hope you have a nice day and it goes by quickly for everyone!


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