20 Week Ultra Sound Somewhat Bothersome

This morning we had our 20 week ultrasound and of course received some nerve wracking news. Apparently there is something possibly wrong. I feel like we go through this every other month. This time there is a problem with the bowel and I (the fetus, rather) was diagnosed with Echogenic Bowel. This is when there is a bright spot found in the bowel that looks like bone in the ultra sound.

A number of things could be causing this ranging from infection to downs syndrome. Because we had genetic testing done due to my age downs syndrome can be pretty confidently ruled out, and the same may be true with cystic fibrosis but it is unclear whether I have been tested for. The two most likely causes (Aidan and I believe) for the Echogenic Bowel diagnosage are the chance of infection or the possibility that the baby swallowed blood from when I was bleeding a few months back. The doctor had to tell us all of the possible causes though and it was admittedly worrisome.

In any case more blood work was taken and another ultra sound was scheduled for 5 weeks from now to monitor growth and see if the issue resolves itself. It’s nerve wracking but in my heart I just feel like it might even be a false alarm, as that tends to happen sometimes too.

The good news about the ultra sound is that the baby is growing perfectly and we didn’t find out the sex of it. We got some really cute 3D pictures and I have to say it looks like a spitting image of what Henry looked like. From what I remember anyway. I’ll have to pull those photos out and do a comparison. Just by the way the face looks so much like Henry’s I am leaning my thoughts towards it being a boy, but I guess you really can’t tell at that age.

I just hope everything will be okay. I’m going to refrain from Googling and just be patient in terms of waiting to find out more. Everything happens for a reason in the end and maybe this is just life testing us again.


9 thoughts on “20 Week Ultra Sound Somewhat Bothersome

  1. Sorry Ginger, I feel like I’m stalking you because I reply or like all of your posts lol. But I find you so relatable; your life and mine has many similar components. I am 47 years old, and have 4 children, ages 26, 22, 17 and 8. I was 38 (almost 39) when my youngest was born, and at that time my oldest was 17 years old. (I noticed that your oldest and youngest will have a similar age span) When I read this today, I remember the fears that I had, being “advanced maternal age”. I worried about downs syndrome (although I didn’t have the genetic testing because I knew that in the end, it wouldn’t matter one way or the other)…and you are so right about many “false positives” during ultrasounds and other tests. You are definitely being wise in not googling and trying to come up with your own diagnosis on anything, because we all know that more than likely it will be incorrect and cause you more anxiety than you already may feel about it. I hope the next 5 weeks go by quickly and will pray for good results at your next sonogram.


    1. We are very similar :) it’s great actually for us to have someone to relate to in each other! I wasn’t too worried in the beginning as far as what could go wrong but it has been a difficult pregnancy so far, my last one 2 years ago was challenging but not as worrisome. We really are thinking it’s not something to get worked up over and that’s what we will try to do. We are both stressing but that isn’t going to do anything but make it harder on us and the baby. Thanks for your well wishes and support, it means a lot to me, fingers crossed for the best :)


  2. Resisting the urge to google is smart and requires serious strength…holy smokes! Like the wicked, wonderful above, I’m 47, and had my last child at 40…when I look back on that last pregnancy I don’t think I realized how tired I was…I was just plowing (stampeding) forward, which was I guess okay, but I wish I had mellowed out a little more and NOT googled. You have more wisdom than I did! I look forward to hearing about the next ultrasound. Rest well!!


    1. Oh my goodness, let’s talk about tired! I am seriously exhausted and have been for most of the pregnancy. It has been terrible and I can’t wait to get some more! I hate being pregnant but really hope this holds through til the end. I am getting my tubes tied after this one :) I am really not a good pregnant lady.
      I admit I did Google a little even after I said I wouldn’t but stopped after getting worked up and realizing there isn’t a thing I can do. Now I’m just waiting to see and praying for the best and hoping it was an error on the ultra sound.


      1. After some pregnancies, all of the later ones, after I gave birth, over the next couple of weeks I felt like I was emerging from a dream because I had just been so awfully tired. I hope you get that relief, if not then, sooner!
        It’s good how many things seem to work out…this year I read a suggestion that when you are worried to write down the worry on a piece of paper and put it away. In a year go back to it, and see what was real. I tried it with passing the CFP, and it worked (though as stressful as that was, still less stressful than what you’re going through). It sounds goofy, but maybe it will help a little as you move forward. I found my card about being worried about the exam, and it seemed so…ridiculous with my new worries being ever bigger and badder.

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  3. Fingers crossed for you, the baby and your family!! Also, refraining from Googling is always a good idea when you are pregnant – my ob actually yelled at me at a certain point during my pregnancy for all of my googling – I thought I was saving him time by diagnosing myself… :) Looking forward to hearing good news after your next ultrasound!

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    1. Thanks, it’s nerve wracking when I think about it, so I try not to but that’s hard! I can’t wait to have an update, I really hope it’s a good one, I’ll think positive until then :)


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