Clogged Drains and Big Mac Pizza

We need a family plumber
So, remember how a few days ago I said my dishwasher was broken and leaking water into the basement? Yeah, it’s not my dishwasher that is the problem. It would appear that the drain line was the cause of the water leak. It must me clogged and causing the water to back up and then escape where it can. I say this because yesterday I had an explosion of water come from under the sink. This happened after I let the drain go from the sink basin that I had filled with water. Keyword: filled. All of the water shot out of two connecting pipes and flooded the cabinet. Then it leaked to the floor and down to the basement. So fun!

I wanted to reorganize under the sink anyway but I wasn’t planning on clearing the entire cabinet out and deep cleaning it but that’s exactly what I ended up having to do. I guess one way of looking at it was that it was another bag of decluttering for the day. Sure the bag was mostly wet paper towels but there were some old cleaning supplies and random items I chucked during the process.

Will they ever get it right?
I didn’t call the plumber yesterday because believe it or not we were in the middle of a rather big snow storm. The weather people were predicting 2-4 inches and then rain but guess what? We had over 6 inches and where is the rain?? Anyway, no plumber was going to be bothered with my little mess so I didn’t call because it all seemed so silly and not worth paying emergency rates over. I suppose I will have to call them today or tomorrow though because avoiding the problem won’t fix the leak like I had hoped for last week.

Happy teens, happy car
Aside from the sink incident, we had a pretty good day yesterday. Regina and Marshall wanted me to take them to Plato’s Closet for a grab bag event and they made out well. I gave them each $15 to get a bag they could stuff with clothes. Marshall picked up 3 pairs of jeans and Regina got 14 different things (shirts, sweats, shorts, a skirt). Not bad for $30. They were both happy that I took them and were in a decent mood for the rest of the afternoon. While they were shopping Henry and I stayed in the car. He ate a lollypop and I took the time to tackle my glove box. Now I need to actually clean the car but at least it is fully decrapified! I also finally put my registration sticker on my license plate, which had been sitting in my purse for over a week.

Working through the desire to be lazy
When we got home I made pancakes for lunch and Aidan and I got to work making a shopping list. We were really running low on a lot of food items and paper goods so he took Henry to Target and Giant and got everything we needed. I really wanted to be lazy and just watch Friends while they were out but I knew I’d be stressed if he got home and I didn’t have cleared counter space for the grocery bags in the kitchen. I set my timer for 15 minutes and figured I’d get as much done as I could. That 15 minutes went super fast and one thing led to another. Before I knew it the timer went off and I was deep cleaning the oven. I was on a roll and shut off the timer and kept working on everything else. I was just wrapping up the oven grates when the flood happened so I didn’t get to the cabinets or floors before Aidan and Henry got back.

Food, glorious junk food!
After Regina and I put the groceries away I started on Buffalo Chicken Dip which she and Aidan outright demanded I make. Brats. From there I started on pizza from dinner and actually made a really interesting one, thanks to AllRecipes. It was a Big Mac Pizza. Totally different, pretty strange, but really good. I had to make a few adjustments just because I wanted to use the pizza dough I made the night before and needed to use double the beef because I already had it defrosted. Both were good adjustments. The only thing off about the recipe was the deli pickle I used instead of a dill. Yeah, pickles on pizza. Don’t scoff. It really was actually good — that is if you like Big Mac’s! Give it a try, if you are looking for something easy, surprising and fun one night!

My aching bones
After dinner I skipped the little clean up there was and got right into bed. My body was killing me from all the cleaning and cooking. Standing on a ceramic tile floor for so many hours and climbing all up under the sink was murderous. I needed rest. My body felt awful. I woke up super early this morning feeling good minus the stupid head cold that has taken up permanent residence in my sinuses. It was too early to make a ton of noise in the kitchen that could wake Marshall up so I figured I’d wait a bit before getting started.  Maybe now that it’s 8am I can work quietly and finish up wiping the cabinets and mopping the floor. Once I get that done I will feel like a super woman.

Wow, this was a long post. My life sure is incredibly exciting, don’t you think? I cook. I clean. I drive kids around and I talk about the weather. Woo-hoo! If only my 16 year old self could see me now! ;) Have a great Sunday everyone.


3 thoughts on “Clogged Drains and Big Mac Pizza

  1. You are an inspiration. I was asleep post dinner…flat-out asleep until I woke up at 11 to do the dishes. I think the cold, snowy weather plus the viruses circulating are dragging me under to hibernate!

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    1. I always seem to make a big mess when I am purging, so this time I’m trying to clean up the area I am working on as soon as I am done. It’s faster to do it afterwards instead of as I go, at least for me. Maybe that would work for you? Yesterday I just did regular cleaning, no purging but I over did it now I’m hurting lol thanks for getting me moving on this stuff, it makes me feel good to get it done! Clearing out stuff is good for our sanity!

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