Saturday is Here

Yesterday I did some more decluttering and tackled the bathroom. There wasn’t too much in there that I had to get rid of but I was thorough and went through every area that had stuff in or on it. There were some expired medicines and hand towels that had seen better days, a set of hot rollers that I don’t think I’ve ever even used and random toiletries that were half empty and likely to not be finished. I reorganized the closet and under the sink, moved all the medicine into a nice bin and stashed it in the closet and reordered the shelf thing that I have above the toilet.

It feels really good to get rid of the clutter that we don’t love and use anymore. I still need to wipe out the inside of the sink cabinet and the shelf thing but it won’t take more than a few minutes. The whole purging stuff only took 20 minutes and it would have been less time but I had to get a step ladder to reach the back of the very top shelf.

I had to run to the pharmacy to pick up Marshall’s meds yesterday and brought a trash bag into the car with me. There has been trash building up in there for a few months and I was glad to finally remember the bag. I got all the trash from the front and back seats but still need to go through my glove box. It wasn’t as much trash as I thought but it was definitely more than needed to be there. Today I am gonna finish the glove box and wipe everything down because it’s dusty in there!

Well, enough about my cleaning crap out! I don’t know what else to write about today honestly. At least I had that. I’ll hope for something more interesting tomorrow. Enjoy the start of the weekend!


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