It’s Freeeeeezing! And I’ve Filled Another Bag :)

Hey, hey it’s Friday! It’s also the coldest day that our region has seen in like 20 years. A lot of the schools have been closing or opening late (not ours) and there is a huge uproar about it on one of the news channels Facebook post. People are furious that the schools would closed for it being too cold. What they don’t understand or sympathize with is that many of these kids have to walk to school around here and since it’s freezing there is a risk of frost bite. They also don’t realize that some of these kids are from less fortunate areas and their families can’t afford coats and gloves and hats.

I bundled my two up and I’m still worried that their bus will be late and they will stand out there too long. I also worry that the heat in the building they are in will fail, which is another good reason these schools who are choosing to close may be closing. A lot of older buildings have systems that simply can’t keep up with the demand for heat when it’s this cold.

Anyway, that’s the weather news, which I seem to update everyone on in every post. ??.

Yesterday I kept up with the purging challenge and cleared out the dresser drawers that I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about for months now. Two of the drawers held my beauty supplies and random things that I didn’t know where else to put. Kind of like mommy makeup/junk drawers, if you will. It took me about an hour and Henry was with me “helping” by putting coins into a piggy bank. He was surprisingly co-operative during the clean out, which was a relief because he loves to dig into those drawers and pull out whatever he can get his hands on, especially my makeup brushes.  I ended up finding a few toys that I was saving for him when he got to be the right age that I had forgotten about when I got to the last drawer, which was filled with baby and nursing supplies.

I ended up getting rid of enough stuff to clear out a full drawer and only have a little left in another. My beauty drawer is packed, but it is all organized and pretty(ish) I’d like to make it a little fancier but one step at a time! I ended up giving some of my stuff that I didn’t want to Regina and moving a lot of medicine type stuff to the medicine cabinet. Hmm. Strange I never thought to do that before. Of course now I’ll have to go through that and weed it out and clean and organize it but that’s okay. I was staying focused on the task at hand!

Later last night after dinner I went through all of Henry’s toys and sorted them. I was hoping to purge some of them but honestly he plays with each and every one of them and they are in great shape. The problem is that there is only one big basket that we keep them in and it’s starting to overflow. It looks messy in there because I don’t have the right storage. I do have two shelves downstairs that I have been wanting to put up on his walls so maybe I will attempt to do that and put a few of his toys on one of them. The other shelf would be for pictures and little knick-knacks that people gave us. Personally I don’t like knick-knacks but they were gifts and thoughtful ones so I should display them, right?

Okay well I sure blabbed on and on! I hope you all have a great day and keep warm!!


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