Gung Ho About a New Project to Work On!

Yesterday morning I happily stumbled onto a post in my reader by Jill, the blogger at This Wicked, Wonderful World. She has been dealing with access clutter around her house and decided to join the 40 bags in 40 days challenge posted by another blogger. When she asked if anyone wanted to join her over the next 40 days decluttering and decrapifying their homes, I jumped at the idea.

I love having a project to work on and although at first I struggled to think of how I could fill 40 bags of trash (I usually throw everything away already) I thought of the attic. I told her I would join in on the fun and continued to think about it for a while. I have decided to start in the main areas of the house first and then move to the attic. I know there are some areas in each room that could use a good cleaning and purge, I’m not going to be silly and think I don’t have any unwanted items! Then when I run out of stuff in those areas I’ll move on to the attic and really get busy. Plus in a few weeks (hopefully) it will be warmer up there.

Yesterday I started small but I feel great about the bag I almost filled to the top. I went through my kitchen and got rid of any expired foods and things we don’t eat. I’ve needed to do this for a while now and since we were running low on stuff it was really super fast and easy. Having bare storage areas makes it easier to clean, too! I didn’t get into the pantry because technically it isn’t in the kitchen, also I did do that area rather recently. I’ll get in there before moving on to the attic though, just to be sure!

I don’t know what area(s) I will tackle today but I’m just going to have a bag handy for waste and I’ll set up a box somewhere here for donations. Woo-hoo! I really love getting rid of things and organizing. Speaking of organizing I was all over the iheartorganizing site last night. I have been there before but really dug deep into her posts and I have to say this girl rocks. I might have a crush on her. Just kidding, but I really hope to shape my organizing skills into what she has going on. If I keep at it I will get there :)

Well, have a great day and if you are interested in joining the big purge hop over to Jill’s blog and be sure to check out the details! It should be a lot of fun work :)


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