First Day of Normal So Far This Week

Well, I missed a day writing yesterday but I was really sick. My throat has not been so sore since I can remember and it made it hard to breathe because even that hurt. It’s still sore today but not like yesterday, holy hell, it was bad.

We did end up getting about 5 inches of snow and that turned into a day off for the kids. Marshall and one of his friends went around the neighborhood shoveling and made some money, so he was good and tired for the rest of the afternoon and night. Regina’s boyfriend came over and they watched tv all day and Adian stayed home from work because the roads were in bad shape.

I made a one pot fettuccine alfredo dinner last night and guess what? It was like the simplest thing ever and tasted pretty dang good. I only wish I had some shrimp to throw in there and it would have been fantastic. Here is the recipe if you are interested. It used things most people have on hand it really it was one of the easiest dishes ever. I’ll be making it again when I don’t plan ahead and everyone is bugging me about being starving! I just love simple recipes like this!

Today I want to deep clean my kitchen, speaking of the kitchen the stupid dishwasher is leaking and we really can’t avoid replacing it any longer. It’s been in need of replacement since I bought the house 10 years ago and I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. In my defense every time I am in Lowes I walk through the ding and dent section hoping to find an LG waiting for me there, steeply discounted, but I haven’t had any luck yet. I suppose I’ll have to break down and buy one brand new but I really don’t want to pay a billion dollars :( On the plus side I will have a beautiful, brand new dishwasher that really works well!

In the past year we’ve replaced almost all of the major appliances and systems in this house, new washer and dryer, refrigerator, water heater, furnace, and 3 ac units. The only 2 items left are the dishwasher and the stove. I still have a balance left on the refrigerator and really wanted to pay that off before moving forward on the dishwasher but it is what it is. Hand washing dishes isn’t a long term option for me. Been there, done that, hated it, and don’t have the time, especially with a new baby on the way. This is the story of adulthood, isn’t it?

Well, I hope you all have a great Wednesday! I just heard Henry crying so I better get up there and see how he is doing this morning.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Normal So Far This Week

  1. We had that horrible sore throat, crazy sore, thing run through our house. Hope it passes quickly! Hope for a miracle repair on the dishwasher, too!! Last year I paid off our remaining mortgage with our emergency fund. Now I nervously look around at the appliances since there is no safety net, and just a wee income. My fear is losing the washing machine…we need to do a load a night (since as you know I’m stingy with the pants). Feel better!


    1. Wow, congrats on paying off your mortgage! That is a huge accomplishment! I was almost there a few years ago but ended up going through a divorce instead and had to do a home equity loan to take over the mortgage. Now I’m double on where my balance used to be :(
      Good luck with your appliances, they are really costly and don’t last very long so it really stinks when they need replacing. Luckily most of our washer and dryer and all of the furnace was covered through insurance because of the fire. We over spent on the washer and dryer though because Aidan wanted the fancy schmancy kind. Ironically I do the majority of the wash and could have cared less. Boys :P
      I hope you all feel better soon too, that sickness has been a doozy! My nose is still running lol

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