Maybe it Will Snow, Maybe it Won’t

I’m writing this extra late today because I slept in this morning and right after making my coffee Henry woke up. I didn’t want to ruin my posting streak by missing a day so I promised myself I’d find time to write later in the day. It’s later in the day :)

The kids are supposed to go back to school tomorrow but the weather is calling for snow, which the reports are conflicting on every weather station there is. Of course. I’ve seen 1-3 inches, 3-6 inches and 5-8 inches. That means we will either get a dusting or a blizzard.. Only time will tell.

It would be nice to have a snow day but Marshal has been getting on my nerves during this break and I wouldn’t mind him going back to school one bit. He hasn’t really been bad, just annoying and a little show-offish for his friend, which involves him being loud, making inappropriate jokes and being rude. He isn’t having friends here next weekend. He can go over there and give us and the kitchen a break. How kids make such a mess every time they eat is beyond me but I’m sick of having to tell him to clean up his mess.

It appears that the bug is officially gone from our house. Hurray! I narrowly escaped that and think my sore throat yesterday had everything to do with the cranked up heat and nothing to do with germs. I’m so glad about that.

I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner tonight but seeing as it’s 4:00 I better get on that. I’m sick of cooking this week, or something like that since it’s Monday.. Hmm.

Well, have a great night doing what ever it is you’ll be doing and stay warm!


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