Short and Sweet

The wind outside is absolutely insane! It sounds like the waves of an ocean, coming and going with enough strength to make the house shake and it was so strong last night that it woke me up a few times. It is supposed to stay like this until noon and I am crossing my fingers that we won’t lose power.

It did snow overnight, about two inches and even though that isn’t a lot, combined with the wind I’d say this has been a pretty decent storm. I can’t get over how loud it is. Just sitting in here it feels like I am in a train tunnel or something.

We didn’t do anything for Valentines Day yesterday, Aidan is really sick and I was hoping I wasn’t going to catch whatever it is that he and Henry have I think it found it’s way to me. My head and throat hurt really bad and my nose started competitively running against theirs. I really hope I’m just feeling like this because I set the heat higher than normal last night.

Well, I hear the baby up so I am going to stop writing. I hope everyone is safe, has power and is feeling better than we are here.


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