Five Minute Fix: Kitchen Window

This window has been driving me bananas for over a month now. Each time I looked at it throughout the day I got an itch to clean it, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t. After getting on Aidan for the umpteenth time to remove the last part of the Christmas village from our mantel, I realized that I was being a hypocrite about the Christmas stuff because there were still holiday decals on the kitchen window.


Aside from the decals, the window was filthy with water stains from the sink below and grease from our stove that we don’t have a hood vent for. My much loved stained glass birds fell down who knows how long ago and the window sill became a dumping ground for odds and ends that I was avoiding putting away.


It took all of 5 minutes to peel the decals off, declutter the sill and clean the window.  Why did it take me so long to do this? Clearing and cleaning the small area didn’t make a huge change to the way it technically looks but now that it only holds two items that I truly love, the kitchen just feels so much better! I’m trying to focus on the things I love around here and I think this was a great place to start.

I swear just taking a little time to focus on that tiny little space made my whole kitchen feel so much fresher. Now instead of seeing an area that stresses me out I see an area highlighting little bits that make me smile.

There are quite a few areas around my home that need 5 minutes of my time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about everything as a whole I am going to try breaking them down into 5 minute fixes. I know I can get a lot done in a week if I focus on small changes in different areas!

Do you have areas in your home that could use quick refreshing? Maybe a corner in your living room or bedroom, a closet or cabinet that just make you cringe when you look at the space? It really only takes a few minutes to change things around. If you have a big disaster on your hands even working 5 minutes here and there can lead to big changes over a week.


One thought on “Five Minute Fix: Kitchen Window

  1. I read this great book a few years ago called Me, the Boy, and the Cat. It’s a diary of a man and his son sailing from New England to Florida in the 20s (if I remember the time period correctly)…Any-hoo! in the book the man keeps talking about the blue bird of happiness, and I now see bluebirds as symbols of perfect moments. So, I especially love your choice. Wow, I am long-winded…the succinct answer is, love the care you put into it!

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