Because My Life is So Interesting: Nail Polish

I’ve been doing really well (so far) with this year’s resolution to keep up with my nails.  Every week around Thursday I give myself a mini manicure and switch out the paint color. This is an all day event because of having a toddler and housework, but ten minutes here and there is much more efficient than blocking out a full hour at the end of the night when I’d much prefer to sleep.

Luckily for me there is absolutely no shortage of nail polish in this house! My daughters collection rivals a nail salons and for that I am grateful. I want to keep changing the color up every week so I decided to take a picture of the colors I’ve used so far. This should help the chance that I won’t repeat any of them anytime soon.

nail colors From left to right: fade to greige, vintage, speed dial, cookies and cream, cabaret, dangerous affair.

I’ve strictly used Ciate brand so far. First of all it’s really nice polish, secondly the colors are great, and thirdly there is a big selection to choose from. I actually bought my daughter a (huge) mini assortment set two Christmases ago and it’s still going strong. Neither of us have used many of the colors and it would be great to get through them all at least once.

It feels great using up that money I spent :)

My favorite color so far has been cookies and cream. It’s hard for me to find a light color that goes well with my pale skin but this one nailed it (pun intended!) I haven’t finished getting the dangerous affair on yet, but chose the red this week for Valentines Day. ;) ;) Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Years ago when I worked and did my nails all of the time I always used Orly Bonder and Rubberized Top coat but have since ran out. I grabbed a bottle of their Nail Defense by accident thinking it was the Bonder and have been using that as a base and top coat. The Bonder and Rubberized Top Coat definitely work better in making the polish last longer (up to two weeks!) and as soon as I can remember I’ll be getting them again. The Nail Defense doesn’t really cut it in my opinion. The polish chips after like 5 days and then my hands look sloppy :(

Anyway, that’s how exciting my life is in terms of manicures :) Do you take the time to polish or get manicures? Do you have any favorite brands, colors or tips?


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