Go Away Germs, Get Lost!

Yesterday Henry fell asleep on me at 5:30pm. He didn’t take his nap earlier in the day and it’s not unusual for him to fall asleep so late in the afternoon when he skips one. When he woke up he was super cranky and just wanted to go back to sleep. Aidan said he thought he was sick but I disagreed and said he was just overly tired. He slept for the rest of the night, waking up twice. He was crying and fussing but fell back asleep both times. This morning when I woke up he was warm with a fever and now I feel bad for not listening to Aidan.

Everyone here has felt under the weather for the past week or so. Marshall had a low fever the other day. Regina’s has had a small but persistent cough. Aidan’s body and throat were bothering him and my head has been stuffy. I have regular checkup’s scheduled for the big kids this afternoon and if Henry isn’t feeling better this afternoon after some Tylenol, some fluids and rest, I’ll have to call to schedule an appointment for him.

I hope this is all just a little bug that passes quickly. There is a long weekend coming up and I’d hate for everyone to be sick through it. I’m the only one who’s had a flu shot here (because of the pregnancy) and though I doubt the flu is what’s going around here, I still worry. A blogging friend of mine said that despite having the flu shot this past fall she still ended up catching a different strain of it. I’ve had the flu a lot in the past and it really sucks. I’d hate for anyone here to have it and apparently it’s really dangerous for pregnant women and babies.

Today I have some laundry to catch up on because Aidan keeps forgetting to bring it downstairs for me. I’d bring it down myself but it is too heavy and awkward for me to navigate a bin down 2 flights of stairs with my ever-growing belly in the way. I’ll remind him again before he leaves this morning so I can get it caught up. There are about three loads (maybe four) that need to be done now. Yay. Other than laundry I have to go to the bank, the pharmacy, and the doctors. I hope Henry will be feeling better by the time we need to leave. I am going to do it all when the kids get home from school so I only have to bring him out one time today. Their appointments are at 4 so it will give them enough time to grab a snack and for me to get the other things done.

Well, I hope you have a nice day and aren’t feeling sick or have anyone sick in your home!


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