Slow Quiet Morning (so far)

I woke up this morning to an unexpected surprise.. A two-hour delay. When I looked outside I didn’t think anything had happened over night but while checking email I saw there was a two-hour delay. I decided to stick my foot out of the door and sure enough everything is a solid sheet of ice. I had already started my coffee so instead of going back upstairs to get another hour (or two) of sleep I just sat on my couch, drank my coffee and read through Facebook and the blogs I subscribe to. It was a nice 45 minutes. Maybe I could have used the time to clean up the rest of the kitchen that I didn’t get to last night (bad mama!) or write and edit a good post for the day but I much more enjoyed the time quietly being nosey.

Last week I set up the “social media menu” for this blog but felt uncomfortable with it. I like how the little icons look at the bottom of the page, but honestly I never did well with that part of blogging. I previously set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account and some other accounts for readers to follow but I never posted anything to any of the accounts. The only things that got posted there were the posts I wrote which would be auto-generated. Aside from liking the way the icons look on my page there really is no reason for me to have a social media menu. This blog is for me and I don’t want to feel pressure to be someone I am not, for example some one who likes Twitter. I hate Twitter *gasp* because I don’t really get it. I know it is a biggie for writers and bloggers, but it’s just not for me. So anyway, I removed the links after a few days and feel so much better :)

Yesterday I got some things done that I wanted to do but not all. I didn’t set up auto-pay but I did pay my bill. I didn’t set up doctors appointments but I made it to my daughters doctor appointment. I called the school to find out about the gym notes and made the copies but I didn’t get to the pharmacy. So I have a few things to get done today but feel good for getting done what I did. The funny thing about the pharmacy is that I wasn’t avoiding going, I just flat-out forgot, twice. I didn’t beat myself up over it though :)

The reason the kitchen stayed a mess was because the dishwasher was fuller than I thought it was. I won’t run it unless it is completely full but after dinner I realized there were many more dishes than there was room. I jammed the dishwasher packed and turned it on but it was still running at 8pm and bed was calling me. Now I’ve got to put it all away and reload it. There is a lot to hand wash too but I just figured I’d do it all at once since the counter is crowded with other hand washed things that need to be put away.

Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m not feeling too inspired about saying anything else but I wrote for the day and that counts for me! Have a nice day doing, forgetting or avoiding the things you are supposed to get done :)


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