A Day to Tie Up Loose Ends

Marshall was super co-operative and pleasant this morning. Not. He slept through his alarm clock (which at this point is not even worth mentioning) and then proceeded to give me a hard time about getting up for school. His yelling this morning was about pants and how he doesn’t have any. Of course there were clean pants in his drawer and he was just being difficult and lazy. He won’t have any tomorrow because all of his other ones were worn and then thrown on the floor.

He really wants his friend to come over and stay for the long weekend that is coming up. I have warned him about three times since yesterday that he won’t be coming if he gives me a hard time. Yesterday it was about doing his chores, this morning about getting up and dressed for school. When he gets home today I am telling him that there will be no more reminders. I don’t need this shit every day. He is smart and if he doesn’t figure it out his friend won’t be here. That’s simple. They get all crazy hyper when he is here anyway and honestly it will be better for me if he doesn’t come, so he can either really earn it or just deal without.

Yesterday Regina and I went out for a few hours so she could pick up a gift for her boyfriend, who’s birthday is in 2 weeks. It was nice to go out just the two of us and we went out for lunch at Chipotle. We rarely get to spend time alone and I wasn’t stressed out so it was a relaxing time.

Aidan is off next Monday for Presidents Day and since the kids are also off, I asked Regina to watch Henry for a few hours so Aidan and I could go out to lunch as a Valentines celebration. It will be after Valentines day so I want to figure out something small to do for him on the real holiday but I’m really looking forward to our date :) Maybe I’ll make heart shaped somethings to eat?? I really don’t know and I’m not all that crafty.

The weather is going to be pretty crappy here today with ice and sleet. We have to go to a therapy appointment later this afternoon and I’m really hoping the roads won’t be bad. I’m thinking they probably won’t be by 3:30. I hope not anyway! Other than the appointment today I also have some things to take care of from home. I have to call the school and find out who the kids should turn their gym excuses into and I’ve got prescriptions to fill and pick up. I also have to make a few doctors appointments, pay my homeowners insurance bill and set up auto pay for that company. I only have a few company’s left that I have to set the auto pay up on and one more to set up the e-billing on, I might get to that today but it isn’t a priority like the other things. Today is the day I want to tie up all of these loose ends that I’ve put off for a few weeks/days. I don’t know why I’m dragging my feet on some of this stuff but I really will feel better once all of that stuff has been crossed off my list.

Well, have a great day and be safe if the weather is rotten!


4 thoughts on “A Day to Tie Up Loose Ends

  1. So funny, a regular complaint in our house, ‘I have no pants!’ There are never enough pants…but I admit that I am pretty pant stingy, but if we went hog wild on lots of pants, I’m pretty sure that they’d just forget their pants at school. It actually happens…

    Love the bit about the sleep-over…did it work to subdue everyone?


    1. I am stingy with pants, too! He has 4 pairs of jeans, 2 joggers and some sweats. Personally, I think that’s plenty! And leaving them place. Trust me I feel your pain! The warning on the sleepover not happening has worked so far. No issues last night or today :) 2 days to go, let’s see how bad he wants it! Thanks for commenting :)


      1. I’m not kidding, yesterday my daughter came home without her pants. They were muddy apparently, and are now MIA. I wish I had taken a picture of her in her gym shorts, uniform shrit, and mis-matched knee socks exhibiting a dazed expression in reaction to the question of what happened to her pants…

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        1. Yikes, I’d be mad! Hopefully she will find them and bring them home. The worst thing Marshall left at school was an expensive book bag 3 years ago. He never got it back (probably was stolen) and I still get mad about it to this day.


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