The Begining to the End of Another Weekend

Yesterday I took Regina, Henry and Regina’s boyfriend down to my parents house for an overdue visit. We haven’t gotten together since my Dad’s birthday right before Christmas and still had gifts to exchange. It was my brothers birthday and two of my nieces were there as well as my nieces daughter who is Henry’s age. It was a nice visit and it was a lot of fun to watch the toddlers interact with each other.

The ride to my parents always feels like it is so long. They only live a little over an hour away but it is like traveling to another world because it is such a different place from where I live now. I grew up in a farm town with wide open spaces and a lot of nature. My childhood home is nestled in oak trees and privacy. I always hated how far away from everything we were when I was growing up but now that I am living in such congestion I miss it so much. My parents are about an hour to the shore and an hour to the city, which actually is a nice balance. I spent a lot of time at the shore when I was growing up but now that I am over two hours away I rarely go.

I can’t wait to move away from here, to a town more similar to the one I grew up in. A place that you don’t see your neighbors by just looking out of your window. We were hopeful to win the lottery last night so we could just get started building our dream house right now but that didn’t work out. No one one though so we can try again on Wednesday :)

Today Aidan is taking Henry to visit his parents and I will be getting the house in order. I have another busy week full of appointments coming up so the more I do today the smoother my week will go. I don’t have all that much to do, just a little cleaning maybe a little organizing and making my list of things I need to get done separate from my appointments.

They are calling for a little snow and ice on Monday and once again I am feeling sad that we probably won’t get a big storm this year. On the bright side I remembered the bulbs I had planted in the fall and I am now looking forward to seeing what will bloom. I know the squirrels got to a lot of the bulbs but I don’t think they got them all! It will be nice and cheerful to see some early color around here against the sad gray skies.

Well, have a nice day, enjoy whatever it is you will be doing.


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