Anxiety and Reminders

Yesterday morning ended up being very stressful. After writing, I got dressed for Marshall’s court appointment and attempted to renew my car registration online. I realized that I would need my insurance card to enter the dates and our new policy number as Aidan and I combined our policies earlier this year to get a discount. I went out to the car and noticed that the card I had was expired by two days and that I’d need to print the new ones Aidan most likely had received via email. I came in and woke him up and asked him to forward the new cards to me. I then struggled a bit to plug the printer in and then went back downstairs to get everything done before I had to leave in 5 minutes.

Of course he had trouble forwarding the email and to make things worse, as I was trying to print the registration conformation I was having a hard time locating the printer on the network. I fussed with it for close to 10 minutes and couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. I was freaking out and getting loud but we had to leave. I crossed my fingers and prayed I wouldn’t get pulled over. I had the emails in my phone that I could show if I did get pulled over but my car still hadn’t been inspected so I was overly anxious about the whole situation.

Once we were in the car I asked Marshall to put the address of the court into my phones GPS. It kept giving me directions using the Turnpike, which I was purposely avoiding because it always gets backed up with traffic and you have to pay tolls. I really wanted to use the Google maps app that I normally use for GPS but because I still haven’t fully set up the new phone I didn’t have it. I just drove for a while in the direction I knew I needed to go and eventually the Apple Maps got it’s shit together and offered me the other routes I was looking for.

After driving for an hour we finally made it to the juvenile court house at 9:01 and I felt relived that we got there on time. We met our therapists and headed to the entrance only to find out that the building was under construction and all hearings were being held at the main court house. The main court house was 15 minutes back in the direction we came from. I wasn’t positive on how to get there so one of our therapists drove ahead of me and we followed. Once we were near the court house we had to find parking which all happened to be metered. I hardly had any change on me as I just cashed in all of my change earlier in the week. I was panicking. We were late, I was going to get a parking ticket and was even more worried that I’d get an expired inspection & registration ticket. I actually started to cry because I was so worried.

Marshall laughed at me.

I rummaged through pockets and the car and my bag and found a handful of coins. I calmed down a bit and we walked over to the court house. It was 9:30 so I was trying to get to the court room as quick as possible. I knew there was a chance we’d still have to wait but I was really worried that they would have tried calling him first. Once we got there we were told that the judge still hadn’t even arrived. I felt a huge wave of relief and settled down for what would be a two hour wait.

Once Marshall was seen by the judge his case took mere minutes to be closed. Everything was good to go on that front and we still had enough time to get back home, fuss with the printer and head over to the car dealer for our appointment at 1. Once we were home I got right to work trying to print the insurance and registration cards but had trouble again. After mumbling and grumbling for a while Aidan realized that the printer wasn’t showing up on the network because we changed the wi-fi password. He put the new password in and I was finally able to print the stuff. We packed up the baby and headed over to the dealership. We got there 10 minutes late but it was fine and they took the car and said they’d call when it was all done.

After all the stress and trouble I went through it was easy to see that it could have all been avoided had I taken care of the registration stuff ahead of time. I also should have added the Google app to my phone ahead of time, too.

I haven’t been waiting until the last minute to do things lately, but this used to be a daily struggle in my life. As I was feeling the pressure yesterday I remembered when I always felt like this, every day. I never used to be prepared and believe it or not this stupid anxiety let me know that I have been doing so well lately. I won’t be putting anything off anymore, it really is a downward spiral once you get started. Yesterday I  really re-learned a lesson on why I shouldn’t procrastinate. I don’t think I ever even realized that I was causing myself so much anxiety in the first place. I realize it now though!

Have a great Saturday and don’t put off what you can do today :)


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