I Need to Feel Good Today but I Don’t

My neck is so stiff this morning. I must have slept wrong or really aggravated it when I was leaning next to Henry’s bed last night trying to get him to fall asleep. I’m also really tired because I was up until at least midnight. Last night wasn’t a good night and this morning my body and mind are serving as a reminder of how not good it was.

I have to take Marshall to court in an hour for a review of his progress and dismissal of probation. I never did say why he was on probation. It was really rather stupid.. He threw a water bottle out of a bus window. I was having a lot of trouble with him though and spoke up about it when I had the chance so he ended up with probation. I’m not sure how much the experience has changed him but it has helped a little. Plus it got us into the therapy so I am grateful.

Aidan is working from home today so we can take my car to get inspected once court is finished. I really though it was due this month but it was actually due last month. I really hope I don’t get pulled over and issued a ticket. I’m so mad at myself for making this mistake. Not surprised but disappointed.

Marshall’s alarm clock is blaring his music and he is sleeping right through it. It’s been going on for 55 minutes and it is really loud. How the boy can sleep through noise the way he does is beyond me. I don’t feel like walking down to shut it off yet. Currently “Rock Star” by Pink is on and I like this song so it’s not all bad lol

Well, happy Friday, I hope it’s a good one.

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