Victory is Ours

Yesterday afternoon gifted me with a slightly victorious feeling. I wasn’t in a battle or anything but I was facing a small challenge that I wasn’t too confident in receiving the outcome I was looking for. There were a few items that I had to address with the older kids psychologist and I was nervous about talking to him about what was on my mind. He is a really nice man and much more attentive to our questions and concerns than the previous doctors we have dealt with in the past. Yesterday he really reinforced that by listening to the 5 things I needed to talk to him about and addressed each of them kindly and without rushing us.

The first thing I had to talk to him about was increasing Marshall’s medication. Our therapist and Marshall’s probation officer suggested that I ask for a change to his meds, to add a second dosage in the afternoon. By 6 pm every night he begins to bounce off of the walls and starts getting a bit confrontational. Whether it is playful or spiteful it really effects everyone around him. His doctor listened and suggested we up the milligrams in the morning dosage and not do afternoon pill to see how that goes. He is worried that if Marshall gets an afternoon dosage that it will add to his trouble sleeping. The last time his medications were changed it really made a positive difference so I am hopeful this will again help. I am also relieved that he will still only need one pill a day as I was admittedly worried that he would refuse the second dosage and give me a lot of grief.

The second item was the problem with the name being written on the script. I’ve talked about this here in the past two months but to sum it up there is a problem getting the generic brand unless it is specifically written on the script instead of the brand name. The doctor was aware of the issue and luckily I didn’t have to tell the whole story about what was happening.

Next I addressed the problem my son is facing in Gym class. They are doing swimming this marking period and aren’t allowed to wear tee shirts while doing so. My son has serious body image issues as a previous medication he was on caused him to gain an enormous amount of weight. This medication was targeted by class lawsuits for creating breasts in boys and of course Marshall saw the advertisements. He begged me for a year to take him off of the meds but his doctor at the time was not co-operative and didn’t care about our concerns. Long story short our current doctor immediately took him off that medication, Marshall quickly lost the 40 pounds but still has a terrible opinion of his body. He doesn’t have mesothelioma but can’t accept that. He is convinced he has boobs and still sees his body as it was when he was overweight. His doctor knows about the anxiety he has surrounding this and wrote him an excused note for the swimming. I am relieved for Marshall and feel glad that I was able to ask for help.

This leads me to Regina and her Gym issue. I really don’t know what has been going on with her but for the past 3 years she has not passed Gym once. At first I really thought she was being lazy or rebellious but after three years I have finally accepted that there is a problem. One of my contacts who cares about Regina and has been a source of support and help over the past year and a half suggested that I ask for an excuse note from gym as a whole. Without one she will not graduate if she doesn’t start passing gym. I was really worried that the doctors would think I was crazy for asking, but once again, this doctor listened and cared. He has been seeing her for sometime and knows that she receives therapy at their office with another therapist. He wrote her an excuse note for gym and I can’t tell you how relieved her and I felt.

The last topic was Regina’s medication. It hasn’t been working for her and I admit I wasn’t hearing what she was saying to me when she was refusing to take it or hiding it in her pockets instead of taking it. She spoke up though and told the doctor it wasn’t working for her. He decided to switch her to a non-narcotic anti-anxiety medicine. I was worried that she would become more depressed without her anti-depressant but he said we should try it for two months and it should make a big difference in her life. The more I thought about it the more I agree. She is super anxious. Very much like me and anti-social to a certain degree because of it. She tells me stories frequently about panic attacks and feeling frozen when she should be outgoing. I am hopeful this will help her.

It was a big day yesterday after we left the doctors. I really felt relief for the both of them and proud of myself for speaking up on their behalf’s. I feel like I came through for them and I really hope some or all of this appointment will help them in the coming weeks and months.

Have a great day :)


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