Miraculous Recovery

This morning, once again, Regina tried saying she was sick and couldn’t go to school. Her throat hurt. Correct me if I’m wrong here but a sore throat (unless it’s strep) isn’t a valid reason to get out of going to school, work, or any obligation. I argued with her for a minute until she flat out refused to get up. Irritated with the situation I took her phone and Roku and let her know if she wasn’t up in 5 minutes she wouldn’t be getting her things back until Friday.

She gave me the finger.

As I was helping Marshall get the last of his items together Regina came down to the kitchen ready for school. She really likes her phone and is in the middle of a Friends marathon — the idea of doing without for 2 days was fast acting medicine. It was a miracle, she was cured. Just to let everyone know she was super pissed about life she proceeded to get into a yelling battle with her brother about headphones. Woah, her throat was obviously still very tender!

I really should feel bad.

The whole ‘Regina can’t go to school for any reason she can come up with’ reminds me of my old job. A couple of the girls and I made jokes sometimes about the stupid reasons people would use to call out of work. Of course we were dramatic and goofy but we’d toss around things like, “I stubbed my toe and it’s killing me,” and “my cat has a headache, I won’t be in”. Making up outrageous excuses to stay home was a fun way to spend a few minutes. Hopefully in the future Regina’s co-workers won’t say things like that about her — even if it does offer them some entertainment over lunch.


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