Menu Planning and Marshall

I started a post on how to make a menu for a months worth of recipes. It’s a lot more information than I expected it would be and want to tweak it before I actually post it. I’m also still picking out recipes for the menu so I’d better wait until I’m actually finished creating it before I explain it :) I’m hoping to get it all finished up by tomorrow and that I’ll be able to share it with you!

Yesterday’s IEP meeting for Marshall went okay. The meetings are always longer than expected and this one was 2 hours long. I started to feel bamboozled when we got to the part where his IEP coach wanted to change most of his accommodations and I’m happy to say that I spoke up for him even though it was hard for me to do. It took a little while but I was feeling frustrated and said I wasn’t comfortable with the changes she was recommending and wanted too wait until his re-evaluation in March to finalize anything. In my experience they want to help but not to their full capacity or in ways that are fully helping him. I have a feeling a lot of parents have to go through this and it really is a shame. I know Marshall is ready for some changes but not all of them and I don’t want him to go backwards in terms of him having behavior problems again.

Today his probation officer will coming to meet with me before his court date next month. This would be to wrap up his probation period but he’s had a few hiccups along the past six months and I don’t know what she will say. I think a few more months would be good for him but I don’t know if they will think it is necessary. I also still have to pay his $175 fine which I don’t have until next week and I know that will come up.  I’m in the last stretch of my money problems and paying that fine is the last thing holding me back. It feels really good to be there but I’m still stressing over not having paid it yet. Life goes on and next week I’ll feel so much better :)

I hope you have a good day, I’m going to open the curtains, let some light in, and get back to working on my menu :)


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning and Marshall

  1. I’ve been bamboozled in an IEP! I think it’s a strategy. People ‘in-the-know’ have since told me that when the program is working, then it is time for the program to stop…hmm??? I don’t think it’s malign or purposeful, but it is somehow the economic pressure of the system…my thoughts are with you!

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  2. I have found that they will run circles around you and do what they can to keep costs and resources down. I never knew how difficult it could all be and thought in the beginning they were all there to only help my son. After some Google searches on iep’s I saw how complicated it all is and started advocating better for him. I still need a lot of help with it :( poor kids and parents who can’t stand up for themselves.


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