No Time for Editing Today

I didn’t get to write yesterday because it was a mad house in here when I woke up. We didn’t receive nearly as much snow as was predicted and because of that the schools were open but on a two hour delay. I had let Marshall’s buddy stay the night because it was predicted that there would be so much snow that school would be closed and they were going to shovel snow all day yesterday. Marshall was also suspended for talking back to a teacher so either way he wasn’t going.

I tried to sleep in a little late but the sound of Marshall’s alarm clock was too much to allow me to do that. I tried to for almost an hour and then finally was so annoyed that 2 boys were sleeping right through it that I just got up. Of course as soon as I went down to shut it off Marshall woke up and was as hyper as hell. I wanted to cry. Not really, but I couldn’t write and I was agitated about that because he was being so hyper and I’d not be able to concentrate.

Aidan worked from home yesterday and because he had so much to do I didn’t even see him until 5:30, with the exception of when he came down to grab lunch only to quickly disappear again. I was annoyed but later realized it was only because I missed him. He worked from home for two days and had a lot to do so we didn’t get to spend any extra time with him.

This morning I have an IEP meeting for Marshall at his school. I want to cancel because I was up all night, unable to sleep and I feel like a zombie. It’s also freezing cold out (17 degrees) and I will have to walk a long way through the parking lot with the baby due to the always lacking parking. I am not cancelling but I really am not looking forward to going. I’ll just go and get it over with. I don’t expect that it is going to be a good meeting. Marshall isn’t doing well in school and I haven’t been up his ass about it. I’ve really just been focusing on getting his behavior in check and it’s taking all of me to not give up on that.

I can only expect that his behavior in school is going to worsen now because his best friend is moving and it is going to be hard for him not having his buddy in school. I’m going to let the school and his therapist know and see how we can help him through it. Well, I’m going to get ready for this meeting now. Have a nice day.


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