Snowy Monday, Woo-hoo!

There seems to be some major confusion between the weather centers and their latest storm predictions. I’ve read about 5 different reports and have found 5 different estimated snow fall amounts! Reports are varying from totals expected to be 4-8 inches and up to 8-18 inches. I guess the only way to really know for sure is to wait and see but it gets me worked up when none of them can agree. Weather forecasts are all only educated guesses but how can there be such a huge difference between so many of them? I feel like some of the stations just try to be different and hope they win.

As of now there is only a light dusting of snow/ice on the ground and I have to admit I am a little relieved. I need to go to the market for one ingredient that I forgot yesterday for our fun dinner tonight. If it’s bad out I won’t be going anywhere and that would suck. I really hope the snow fall rate doesn’t increase much in the next two hours. I saw that Aidan brought his laptop in from his car and wonder if he is planning on working from home today. I like when he works from home even though he’s been grumpy lately.

The kids didn’t have a delay and there wasn’t an early dismissal announced like at the other schools. *update Regina texted me at 7:30 they are letting out at 12:00* I hate when they wait until the last minute even though this year it doesn’t affect me. Last year when we were living at the hotel (because of the fire) it affected me because I had to drive them to and from school. This year they just take the bus. It wasn’t fun having to pack the baby up and then drive in the snow when it was bad out!

I’m super excited for our fun snow dinner tonight! In addition to the things I mentioned yesterday I am also making jalapeño poppers. They aren’t breaded and fried but stuffed with cream & cheddar cheeses then baked. Yum! I hope they are good! I’ve been wanting to try the recipe for a while and randomly yesterday Marshall asked if I would make them. They will be so great with everything else! I’m looking forward to fun leftovers for lunch during the storm on Tuesday and I’ll be disappointed if we aren’t trapped inside for the day.

The snow is really coming down now. Like very hard. I don’t think I will be getting to the store. That really sucks but life goes on. Maybe if Aidan works from home I’ll run over by myself but I don’t want to take the baby out when it’s bad. Well, that’s all for now, have a nice day, wherever you are doing whatever you do!


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