Excited About the Snow Heading Our Way!

Hurray! They are finally calling for a decent snow storm here on Monday night! We’ve seen a few small snow showers but this storm is expected to reach 6-8 inches or more(!). I really can’t tell you why this excites me so much but it really does. I’m going to go to the store today and pick up some things to make that will be fun to eat when we are trapped inside for the day..

Not that I wouldn’t be cooking anyway.. and we really could just stay inside if we wanted to.. but.. well, I’m a weirdo. and I really feel excited. I realize that this all makes me sound like a major nerd.. but I don’t care. I am a geek and I love big snow storms :)

I’ve been wanting to make a fun dinner one of these nights anyway. I call meals “fun” when they are a large variety of appetizer type finger foods. You know, some favorites for everyone. I’m thinking spinach and artichoke dip, potato skins, wedge salads and chicken wings. Everyone here would love it if I surprised them with a fun dinner, I haven’t had one in a super long time!

I’ve made the Pioneer Woman’s chicken wings once before and everyone LOVED them, including me and I usually am not a wing lover. Every recipe I have made of her’s has turned out great (I’ve tried a lot) and they are super easy. I highly recommend her cookbooks!

Aside from food for my fun snow party dinner I have to get cat food, coffee creamers and fabric softener. Laundry has been at a halt since Friday morning because I ran out of the smell good stuff. I started buying coffee creamer a few years ago and seriously coffee doesn’t taste good to me now just using milk and sugar. Yesterday we talked about taking a trip to Costco today because we need roast beef, stew meat, and flap steak but I really don’t feel like driving over. I want to get some work done around the house!

I hope today is a great day; yesterday was super boring. Aidan and I both had headaches and were a little cranky with each other. He let me hog the tv all day to watch Friends on Netflix so today I’ll return the favor by entertaining Henry downstairs so he can play his video games in peace. Give and take right? I really am a lucky girl to have him. My ex would have never let me watch the tv that I wanted, let alone for a whole day!

I’m going to get my shower now while everyone is still asleep. I hope you have a great day and if you are trapped inside because of snow I hope it will be fun in someway or another ;)


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