Editing: A Self Exercise

While Henry was napping yesterday I took a some time to work a little on the way my blog looks. Being a Gemini and changing appearances go hand and hand for me. There is nothing like the feeling of instant gratification! Now that I am feeling good about the visuals on my blog I think it’s time to turn my focus on the next area that needs my attention: editing.

Harvey Millican commented on my post Make Time for Myself with regards to finding the time to write. He pointed out that it is good that I make the time for it and how he needs to remind himself to write when he has the time. Thanks for that comment, Harvey. I have to agree with how right you are and I’d like to note that you really got me thinking. It is hard finding the time to write. Not only is finding the time for writing hard, it is also hard to give ourselves the time to edit. And if we want to see our stats improve, to then network.

As far as the writing bit, I do have that time carved out pretty well. When I started this blog I committed to a specific time to write and reminded myself that it was “now or never” during that hour. I removed the old (imaginary) pressure that I used to put on myself and now I don’t think about what I am going to say ahead of time. I just sit down every morning and I go at it. This obviously won’t work for everyone. It works for me though because I write about my life which hardly requires any research or planning ahead. Does this make for the most interesting posts? No, but the main purpose of my blog is for me to have an outlet to vent and feel better for getting it all out.

As far as the editing piece of it, I know that I should approach it the in the same manner as I do writing. Just carve out a specific amount of time at the end of my writing and get to it. Editing takes me a long time though. I tend to cut the fat too much and then add more and more in its place. Towards the end of my last blog I felt left with posts that didn’t really reflect me. I ramble a lot in real life. I bounce around when I speak. That’s me and though I try not to sound like a complete idiot when I write, but if I do, that’s because I sometimes sound like a complete idiot in real life.

Until now I’ve really only focused on creating the habit of writing every day. I’m ready to challenge myself now and make editing a bigger part of the process now. As with writing, because it’s worked well, I’ll carve out time (with a limit) to do just that. This time though my goal will be that I won’t edit to the extent that I lose my voice. I want remain true to myself and really get my style down pat. It’s a fine line to me and one that will take a lot of practice but at 40 posts now, I am ready to push myself a bit.


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