Make Time for Myself

I’ve got 18 minutes left on the dryer before I can switch loads and get in the shower. It would probably be a better idea to get my shower now while the washer isn’t running than wait, but I know once I get out of the shower Henry will wake up and I won’t have the time to write. Every time I get out of the shower he gets all clingy and I miss out on things like moisturizing, blow drying my hair, putting on makeup and plucking my eyebrows. You know, things that are necessary to being a woman who looks and feels put together.

I suppose I could just ignore him but that wouldn’t be very nice. One way to get all of that stuff done would be to do it all before I leave the bathroom but I like hot showers and the steam makes me feel gross if I stay in the room too long. Cracking the window a little might help.. I think I’ll try to get together a shower kit so everything I will need can be in there and seriously just take my time. Aidan takes his time in the bathroom. Why should I feel rushed, right?

I feel like such a schlup lately and I can only imagine that it will get worse after the new baby comes. I’ve got to give myself time to take care of myself. I’ve not felt this bad about my appearance in years and years. If I don’t make an effort to get it together it just won’t happen and I’ll just fall further down the rabbit hole. As it stands I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I just see a pregnant frazzled middle aged woman. It all happens so quickly too, the falling apart. It should be easy enough to get back into looking better but I have to allow myself to do it without feeling guilty for spending time on myself.

I really need to get my hair cut but I am trying to grow it out, which is taking forever. My hair is growing in a strange way too. Some sections faster than others and it looks so choppy and not in the good way. I guess I could just get it shaped up but I really am trying to grow it out again. I never should have cut it but it’s only hair and will grow back. Slowly. I thought because of being pregnant it would get longer faster but I guess not this time. We’ve got less than 6 months to go til the baby comes. I wonder how long it will be then.

Well I am going to get cleaned up now, have a nice day.


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