Another Monday

Well, the kids have off from school today. It’s Martin Luther King Day and I am glad that I was able to sleep late. I wish Aidan was off too, but he isn’t. I don’t have anything special planned for their day off but Marshall’s therapist is taking him to buy a punching bag. She thinks it will be a healthy outlet for him to get his anger and frustrations out. I have hopes that it will help him. He used to go to the boxing gym a few years a go but gave up after a month of not being able to spar and being told to focus on his workouts while he was there. They made him run and do a lot of push ups and pull ups and what-not’s. Anyway, we will see if this is helpful for him.

Aidan was going to take Henry to visit his parents yesterday but there was an ice storm through the early afternoon that shut all the bridges down and created a lot of accidents. After the temps rose it was a lot of heavy rain and I was happy when he decided not to go. We didn’t do much at all yesterday, just acted lazy and relaxed. Regina was going to go out with her friends but I guess her ride fell through and I was relieved for that as well. I know she was bored but at least she was safe. Marshall went to watch football with his dads family and sent me a text at 6 asking when I was picking him up. This threw me off guard because we never even talked about me giving him a ride. I didn’t even know where he was. He was trying to trick me or bully me or something but I said that I wasn’t driving anywhere and he didn’t give me a hard time. I guess he was bored or fed up with them and didn’t want to wait for them to bring him home. He didn’t get here until almost 11pm.

I’m really glad the kids are off today. Not that I want them here driving me crazy though. I just feel so out of it and would have had a hard time getting them organized and off to school. I hope they get along today. Hopefully Marshall will be in a good mood and entertained with his punching bag. His alarm was going off for about 40 minutes when I came down this morning. I went and shut it off and he didn’t even move, another reason I am glad they are off. I think Regina’s boyfriend will be here today and the only thing I want to do for myself is paint my nails. I removed my polish yesterday and didn’t get any further than that.

I don’t have much else to say — I guess I’m still to sleepy to think. I’m going to get a shower now and then see where the day goes. I hope you have a nice day!


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