A Necessary Nuisance

We live right up the street from the fire house and while there was one time when we actually did have a fire here and did need the fire department to save our house from burning to the ground I otherwise find it completely annoying. Let me clarify.. I find the siren on the fire house completely annoying.

It didn’t always bother me. Up until they renovated the fire station and moved the siren closer to our house I never even paid it any mind. When they did the renovation they must have also upgraded the old siren and now it’s just so much louder than it needs to be.

The damn thing is so loud that you can’t hear the television or radio over it no matter how loud either may be. It is so loud that your conversations and thoughts are interrupted. The baby wakes up if it goes off while he’s sleeping and when he was an infant he was terrified of it. Calming him down always took close to 10 minutes and it goes off multiple times a day. Henry still gets antsy when he hears it but thankfully he’s finally no longer terrified.

It used to be that the siren just blended into everyday life. I rarely heard it. Not because it wasn’t going off, or it goes off more often now, it just wasn’t ear-piercing as it is now. Aside from the fire station being up the block there is a hospital a few more blocks away so we hear a ton of ambulance sirens throughout the day. Those aren’t as shrilling or annoying but they’re still not a peaceful sound, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait to move to the country. I’ll be making sure the next house isn’t next to a fire station or a hospital or a police station. None of those thoughts crossed my mind when I bought this house. Live and learn.

Please don’t get me wrong; I’m super grateful for the fire department and the fire fighters and the difficult job they do. I also realize that I am lucky to be so close to help. I just really hate that fucking siren and wish it wasn’t so loud.


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