Let Me Learn You Some Reality, Kid

I’ve been trying to decide what to write about for the past hour and can’t come up with anything solid. So before I waste all of my writing time “thinking” I figured it’s better to just start writing. I’m running the second load of wash right now. Both of them have been Marshall’s clothes. He is a hot mess. His room is really a pig sty and I heard the shower in his bathroom dripping so when I went in to turn it off I was overwhelmed by the smell of piss. This kid never flushes his toilet, let alone cleans it. On top off that apparently now it’s too much effort to lift the seat up. That proof is all over his toilet seat. I’m not cleaning it. I’ll show him (again) how to do it when he gets home from school, but I refuse to clean what is slowly becoming the equivalent of a gas station bathroom.

Of course I want to go in there with a bottle of bleach and go to town but what is he going to learn if I keep doing that? He keeps running his mouth about how he is moving out when he is 16, ha! I am doubtful that he will be ready to live on his own when he is 25 at this rate. He really does believe that he is grown and I suppose that is a part of being a teenager. I used to fight with him about his idea that he could move out when he is 16, why he even wants to.. Well, anyway now I just entertain him. Sure, you can move out. Sure, I’ll sign emancipation papers. The judge will laugh in your face dude, but I’ll go along with it, just so you can get a dose of reality.

Yesterday we had a pretty good therapy session and he brought up that it hurts his feelings if I say he is lazy. That’s interesting to me because point blank he is lazy. Not to say it’s all the time, no, no, it’s only when it comes to picking up after himself and doing things for himself that he wants other people to do for him. Like making a sandwich, picking up his room, school work, laundry, you get the jist.

I’m really trying to make it so the transition of living at home vs. living on his on in a few years (not months as he is to believe) will be an easy one. I had a rough time for years being organized, orderly and independent. It wasn’t that I wasn’t given chores or responsibility as a kid but more that I didn’t realize how much adults really needed to do. I’ve been telling Marshall and Regina since they were little not to grow up to fast. It’s not all fun and games being an adult and on your own. And God help them if they have children while trying to figure adulthood out at the same time, like I did. There was no time for fun and games.

One step at a time. Or a few little ones then more, anyway.

All I’m saying is that I don’t want them living with me when they are adults. I mean if they are in college and working and etc., it would be fine for a little while but other wise get out. I figure I have 3-4 years left to teach them some serious responsibility. Seems like some time, but if you are a fellow parent you know how quickly that goes.


2 thoughts on “Let Me Learn You Some Reality, Kid

  1. Kudos on not cleaning the nasty bathroom! That’s hard! IMO he should be doing his own laundry. Mine started when they were around 6. Sometimes they ran out of clean clothes. Too bad so sad. Most teens are pigs and don’t care about cleaning up anything.


  2. Yeah, I’m getting him to do his wash more and more, but then he steals all of our socks or freaks out when he doesnt have any and that is a whole other issue I’m working on. So frustrating. My daughter had been doing her own laundry since she was like 12, but this one.. Lazy, like I said. Well, at least I am learning for the second batch of kids, right?


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