Sunday Afternoon Writing

I’m writing this a little later than I usually do. This morning I had a bit of a headache when I woke up at 6 so I tried my luck and won an extra 2 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling better and after I made my coffee I opened my laptop only to hear the toddling feet of the baby upstairs. I grabbed him some breakfast and figured I’d just miss a day of writing. Lucky for me he is taking a nap now and I have some down time before starting diner because the chicken needs to defrost.

Tonight I am making one of my favorite recipes, sour cream chicken enchiladas. I found the recipe late last spring through Country Living’s website and I’ve gotta tell you.. They are delicious! This will only be the third time I’ve made them but I’ve been craving them for some time now. Aside from the normal ones I’ll be making cheese and onion ones just for my fiancée because they are his favorite of all the different combinations.

My son is really pissing me off this weekend. He isn’t being particularly bad, but he has been super crazy hyper and making a mess left and right. His buddy spends most weekends here and I normally don’t mind (except that this boys mom thinks I am a taxi and never provides his transportation, but expects, yes expects that I drive him here or back home) but this weekend they were just very loud and acting all sorts of wild. My fiancée actually caught them throwing my sofa cushions all over my sons room and punching and jumping all over them. These kids are 15, my sons room is a slop factory and my sofa cost over 2 grand. I was livid. He was livid. My son was just his typical oh well. Needless to say he won’t be having any sleepovers next weekend. Maybe two.

The weather people are calling for a pretty bad icy mix overnight into tomorrow morning. It might be a 2 hour delay for the kids, which would be nice. I found out last week that the high school has had problems with the heat in the school. My daughter said that of the 6 rooms she is in during the day 2 of them have heat. I only found out there was an issue because another parent posted on the districts website asking when the heat would be working. I can’t believe they would even have them in school. Apparently they aren’t allowed to wear coats in school either so some kids have brought in blankets. I pay $4,500 a year in school tax for this? The majority of the town is in uproars over a multitude of issues happening in the district. I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t know what I can do. As the parent of two troubled students I don’t even think anything I do would make a difference and I’d just be some one else for others to roll their eyes at.

Anyway, I am glad I got to write today after all. Before I wrap this up I just wanted to say that I completed my bookshelf stuff yesterday. I put the electronics in the end table. I brought the babies books down to put on the shelf. I even cleared all the extra crap off of my stair landing and put away almost all the Christmas decorations :) My fiancée removed the outside lights and the ornament storage container we ordered will be here any day now. Woo-hoo on getting things done!

Have a great rest of your weekend and be safe if you’re up against hard weather tomorrow!


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