This Ain’t No Fort Now!

Well, I officially have an item I can cross of of my to-do resolution list. Yesterday I tackled cleaning off the bookshelves. Normally cleaning a bookshelf wouldn’t be anything difficult but the reason I had to do it was because of the baby. He likes to sneak over there and get into everything. Forbidden areas = fun!

For a while I was attempting to block the area off with a folded up play yard. I stood it upright and pushed it against part of the shelf. Then I smashed the sofa up against the play yard. Challenge accepted!

It didn’t take long before he figured out that he could climb over the backside of the couch to get into the forbidden space. Then he realized it was even possible to just push the play yard flat over. Something to stand on! Hello higher shelves! The play yard barricade also offered him a place to hide from plain view. Out of sight he got into the electronics that were stashed in bins along the bottom shelf.

Day after day, I’d pull him out of his little “fort” and tell him no. That just made it feel like a game to him. It was super annoying and I knew I needed to resolve the issue unless I enjoyed an uphill battle all day every day.

So that is why it was on my list.


It was a challenge because of having to find a new home for the things I took off of the shelves. Now I need to find a place for the electronics which consist of old cameras, small video cartridges for an old camcorder, batteries and random spare cords for phones and tv’s. I also went through and recycled some of the books on there that haven’t been touched ever in 5 years that were taking up valuable space.

We have some books, not many, but enough to need shelves. There are mostly cookbooks (that get used frequently) and a lot of coding books for reference (that get used never). I’d like to move the cookbooks to the kitchen but there is no room and the coding books to the attic  but they aren’t mine, so I’ve gotta deal with it. There are a few entertainment books, fiction and decorating resources, that get read or looked at sometimes. If it were up to me I’d just toss the bookshelves (I think they are ugly) but realistically, I cannot.

Anyhoo, as cleared off as they are now the bookshelves aren’t complete yet. I have 4 empty shelves at the bottom and they still look ridiculous because the Verizon equipment has to be there. Oh and there’s that lamp. I’ve got to move the power strip used for the equipment and lamp because the baby is sure to discover that next and think it is a new fun toy. And that lamp..

My plans for the bottom shelves are to store the baby’s books and puzzles on them; I have a lot of his books and puzzles clogging up his bedroom dresser so that will solve that problem. Maybe I’ll get a few baskets. One for the puzzles and one for our throws when they aren’t being used.

I still need to find a place for the odd electronics, which are currently clogging up the stair landing. I was thinking I would just put them in the attic because I don’t know if I’ll ever even need any of it and if I just toss the stuff I’ll surely need it.

Another place I could put the stuff is in end table on the other side of the couch. The drawers are empty but I’ve got it facing backwards because (surprise!) the baby loved to open them up and then climb on the drawers. Not safe. I have child proof latch things that I can install in the drawers, but just trying to figure out the install gives me a headache. My fiancée is smart though. Maybe I’ll start bugging him to do it. :)

Well, there you go, who knew someone could write 600+ words about cleaning off a bookshelf? Me, that’s who.


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