Baby Number Four

Yesterday we finally made the announcement to our families that baby number four is on the way! We have been waiting until the second trimester to make the announcement because things can go wrong, and in our case we actually did have a scare right as week 12 began. A few days before we were planning on letting everyone know I began bleeding and we went to the hospital, fearing and expecting the worst.

After three check-ups and two ultra sounds we were given the thumbs up and told that sometimes (quite frequently) unexplained bleeding happens. No one could find anything wrong and as far as they could see the baby is doing very well. :) Such a relief!

Now that we are in the third trimester and everyone knows, it’s hard not to finally feel excited! The next hurdle we face is a meeting with a genetic councilor next Tuesday. I had a lot of blood work done and some extra tests because of my “elderly” maternal age. They will be looking at a lot of things including markers for down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities. Apparently they can tell a lot from these tests, including the sex of the baby. We are going to request that they don’t tell us the sex though as we would like this last one to be a surprise.

I’d really like another girl to even things out around here but a boy would be so much fun for the baby. We already have a ton of boys clothes and the two will be almost exactly 2 years apart so the seasons would be perfect. I know we will be happy no matter what, as long as there are no problems!

I am pretty sure that we have a girl’s name picked out, we will need to think of some boys names. I don’t want to tell anyone the names that we choose though because someone always has input. It’ll be so much easier not trying to please everyone!

After I told my mom the news she said “I’m so excited and happy! But what about this wedding? I am already getting an earful on what to do from my sisters!” Yeah. About that! I suppose the first place to start would be to pick a date? We are thinking two years from now for a number of reasons: a) time to save money b) time to plan c) time adjusting to the new baby being here d) time for me to get back in shape! The biggest thing of course will be saving money!

Oh happy days ahead! Everyone seems excited, from the big kids to our families! So great!

Well, I’m wrapping this up for the day. I might be brave and start one of my house projects this week. Still going strong on the kitchen cleaning and laundry. Back to square one with the soda. Have a great day! :)


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