Below Freezing

Like so many other people this morning, I am feeling COOOLD. It’s only 10 degrees outside and I keep checking to see if the school is going to issue a two-hour delay. It hasn’t happened yet and if it doesn’t in the next ten minutes, it’s safe to say the kids are going to be freezing theirs butts off while waiting for the bus in an hour.

I didn’t write yesterday because I had a terrible headache. Terrible. I imagine that is the headache that the girl had the day before when I fought with her about it. Ahh, that karma thing I spoke of. Anyway, I laid back down after the big kids left and rested pretty much all day because of it. I was so tired because the pain actually woke me up in the middle of the night and I wasn’t able to get back to sleep. I’m so glad it is gone.

The baby had a doctors appointment that we didn’t go to yesterday. The combo of my headache and the ridiculous weather just made it more logical to reschedule. Today I have two doctors appointments, one at 9:45 and one at 3. I hope the wind isn’t crazy like yesterday so it won’t feel as cold. I’d like nothing more than to reschedule these appointments also, but I can’t. And truth be told I’m beating myself up for not making it to his. Oh well. it’s done, I need to move on.

I’ve been so great with cleaning up the kitchen every night and keeping the wash momentum going. I’m to the point with the wash that I only have a loads worth today :) hurray! I did very good not drinking soda for two days, which probably doesn’t seem like an accomplishment, but for this lady, is. Yesterday, I caved though. I was desperate to get rid of the headache and fatigue and hoped a can of caffeine would help. I’m pretty sure that was what solved my problem too because shortly after drinking it I was able to get some things done minus the blinding pain.

I’m so glad today is Thursday. Only two more days til the weekend when my man is home with us and not having to get the kids off to school. Even though I got them the alarm clocks and they have been setting them I still have to follow up. The boy still sleeps right through his and just a few minutes ago I heard that he switched it to radio mode, which I thought would wake him up better than the blaring noise. It didn’t, I still had to go down to hit his snooze button and tell him I was doing it. He slept through that, too. I think before I had kids I may have slept hard the way he does, but that was so long ago that I can’t be sure.

Well, I’m off to get the day going. I hope you have a nice day and stay as warm as possible!


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