Monday, Monday

It was pretty tough to wake up this morning, as anticipated. I hit my snooze button for close to an hour before I actually got out of bed and yawned my way through making a half pot of coffee and the first cup.

The alarm clocks I had gotten for the kids for Christmas did their parts but my son slept through his alarm three times. I had to go into his room each time to let him know it was going off. That boy takes after his father in so many ways, sleeping through everything is one of them.

Both of the kids did get up and ready and caught their bus on time. I am happy. No lip from either of them and they were rather pleasant. I expect tomorrow will be more difficult because that’s usually how the pattern goes. We’ll see.

It is supposed to snow a little here tomorrow and I’m disappointed that they aren’t calling for more. I’m sure you’ll think I’m coo-koo banana’s for saying this but I loved all the snow last year. We are on the east coast and got absolutely hammered with storms week after week. Of course, we were living in a hotel (due to a house fire) and didn’t have to do any shoveling or snow removal.. but it was so fun being “trapped” because of snow. I’ll remember last winter forever. I’m hoping for some storms (or even one!) this year but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much at all.

Last night my fiancée read my blog but I didn’t really want him to. It’s not that I have anything to hide, I just like not feeling like I have to censor what I’m writing. That’s actually the reason I switched where I write. Practically my whole family followed my other blog and it was a nice feeling that they were supporting me and enjoying what I shared, but I couldn’t write what I wanted. A lot of the times I didn’t write what I was feeling because I didn’t want to alarm anyone. I want to safely vent (especially about the big kids) and not have people look down on me or what have you.

I also didn’t want fiancée to read because he is excellent with grammar (and English in general). I like to sound like or pretend that I know how to speak correctly but I don’t ;) I really don’t talk correctly sometimes and the way I speak is often the butt of jokes around here. I make up my own words and mix words in sentences up a lot. I can be quite entertaining without trying.

Last night I got started on my resolutions by getting the kitchen cleaned all the way before I went up to bed. I’ve always struggled with that and often leave some of (or all) the mess for the morning. Cleaning up in the morning wakes me up and gets me going but it’s not a great feeling to wake up to a messy kitchen. This morning was nice though and I felt good about getting it all done last night. That is a habit I am trying hard to change. It never takes me long to get the job done and it goes even faster if I haven’t put it off. Plus the more I move the more energy it stirs up in me.

I started a load of wash already and that is another habit I’m trying to get into. I figure I have enough laundry here that I can do just one load a day and never get far behind. I’m great about doing laundry in the morning but not every day. If I try to do more than two loads I get distracted and let them sit. Then the next morning I’ll have to wash a load again and fold what I didn’t the day before. It’s a waste of time and money. So one load a day is the goal :)

Okay well, I was going to start writing about the people in my life and assign them names but I’ve decided to use that as another topic for a new post. Have a great day!


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