Resolutions 2015

Okay, so I’ve hemmed and hawed long enough. I wrote my list and since then did everything I could to talk my way out of most of it. Sure, I don’t have a ton of money or time to work on these projects so I have decided to scratch them. I want to commit to a damn resolution list and be done with it. So I’m just going to do it. In no particular order of importance or urgency here are 64 things I’d like to accomplish this year.

*side note: I’m picking 64 because there are 52 weeks in a year and 12 months so I should be able to accomplish one.25 things a week. *second side note: I’m weird, get used to it.
  1. Get picture of the kids taken at Picture People
  2. Send out Christmas cards for the first time in my life
  3. Organize Christmas ornaments and decorations
  4. make monthly meal plan and stick to it — for a whole month
  5. No spend month, if I don’t need it or owe it, it gets saved
  6. Set up all bills on auto-pay
  7. Set up all bills to be e-bills
  8. Buy coupon and random stuff bins
  9. Buy a new note book for daily to-do’s and use it page by page starting at the front
  10. Organize book shelf
  11. Hang shelves in nursery
  12. Reorganize outgrown baby clothes and maybe consign
  13. Finish painting woodwork in dining room
  14. Paint one room (any room) that needs it ceiling to baseboards
  15. Replace one light fixture
  16. Get a bigger pot for my house plant
  17. Seal holes and cracks with insulating foam
  18. Caulk upstairs windows
  19. Put door sweep on attic door
  20. Replace door sweep on back door
  21. Clean out attic
  22. Re-caulk tub upstairs
  23. Reorganize tall dresser
  24. Purge makeup
  25. Get gym membership
  26. Loose 40 lbs
  27. Give up soda
  28. No smoking
  29. Have a date night
  30. Keep growing hair out
  31. Keep up with nails
  32. Make money somehow
  33. Keep writing
  34. Invite someone over for dinner
  35. Go out with a friend
  36. Take baby to baby gym
  37. Take big kids bowling or to movies
  38. Go for walks with the baby
  39. Go to the park with baby
  40. Be a better disciplinarian
  41. Do an Apartment Therapy Cure as it happens
  42. Hang up more pictures
  43. Hang up house numbers
  44. Don’t be a push over
  45. Take a weekend trip
  46. Plant ornamental grass
  47. Buy another houseplant
  48. Wash slipcovers
  49. Purge clothes
  50. Write better
  51. Set up my blog fully
  52. Do a load of wash a day
  53. Clean the kitchen fully before going to bed
  54. Rest when I need it
  55. Use time wisely
  56. Spend one on one time with girl
  57. Spend one on one time with boy
  58. Be proud of myself
  59. Don’t beat to hard on myself
  60. Express gratitude and thoughtfulness
  61. Take more pictures
  62. Be genuine
  63. Worry less
  64. Be happy

Okay, so there is my list of resolutions and I’m sticking to it. I’ll write about each one. Some may be on going as I’m trying to remove and add habits. These are pretty good, challenging but attainable. Wish me luck!


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