Oh Yeah, Let’s Blow Curfew!

It’s a day before break ends and I’ve slept until 8am. I’m going to have a hell of a time getting up tomorrow. I’ve gone from waking up at 5:30am only a week ago to this. I was up until about 1am last night though, which is very uncommon. I’m usually passed out by 9. I wish I could say I was doing something exciting. I wasn’t. I was up worrying about the children of the corn who both separately decided that their curfews didn’t apply last night for whatever reason.

These fucking kids are on my last nerve. At least the boy let me know when he’d be home — despite me telling him no. He was home when he said he would be. My daughter on the other hand ignored my calls and texts asking where she was. When she did finally come home her boyfriend was in her company. She asks all the time if he can sleep here and I always tell her absolutely not. Once he did and I didn’t flip my shit when I found him here but was not nice about it. I was fully expecting to find him down in the living room, or worse — in her room, when I woke up this am but he wasn’t. I don’t know when he left. I am still super pissed.

So what to do?
This part always trips me up. I usually am just so relieved that they are home and safe that I don’t address the issue.. Obviously this hasn’t (or won’t) fix the problem.

My son will be easy to deal with. I’ll just tell probation and he can deal with the consequences. They assigned him a 9pm curfew and the only way to get his attention is to get them involved. Maybe he’ll get a few more hours of community service. I don’t know but for once in my life dealing with that boy is somewhat easy.

My daughter.. Hmm.. I feel like I need to get creative when I am dealing with her and it’s somewhat exhausting. She just got a new phone from her Dad for Christmas. Since she decided to not use it to let me know she’d be late and made me worry excessively I’ll take that from her for a week. I’ll reset the wi-fi too because I know she has ipads and ipods hidden and won’t care about the phone if she can still get on-line. So no phone or internet for the week. The creative twist: make her clean the bathroom. Quite frankly it needs to be done and I don’t feel like doing it. She’ll hate that.

Surprisingly, this was the only issue (I think) I’ve had with them during the 12 days they were off. Seriously, that’s impressive. Like really impressive. I was expecting similar things to happen nightly but they didn’t. Maybe they are getting better about taking my rules more seriously. Maybe there just wasn’t much going on this week. In any case, it was a good 2 weeks with the exception of last night. We will see how this punishment pans out. I know the girl is going to have a million excuses and fight with me about what she gets. And the boy will just hate my guts for ratting him out. Oh well, learn your fucking lessons.


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