Still Working on this Dang List

Most people probably have their resolutions figured out before the first of January and here I am, still working on mine. I added up my numbers for the items that would cost money to complete on my first draft of the list and I’ve come in roughly at $2035. While over the course of a year that turns out to be about $162 a month it’s still more than I’d like it to be. Most of the items are replacing light fixtures throughout the house. I put a budget for $300 each one as I know some are less and some are more. All in all that is $1800 of my estimated costs. That’s a lot of lights and a lot of money. Come to think of it I missed a light so there is another $300. Hmm. I think I should prioritize.

This is an example of me doing what I am famous for doing. Turning a rather small task into something much bigger. Thing is I want to be realistic, the point of my list is to get these things done, so I can’t very well write a bunch of purchases that I can’t afford. I don’t want to lower my budget for the sake of planning and then go over either. That would be stupid. Okay so…

I also added up the hours it would take in labor to get some of the other items done, like painting. I didn’t include the cost of those projects and I know I should because painting can become expensive, especially when you are talking about painting every surface in multiple rooms/areas. I could only estimate the hours it would take to prep and paint the spaces and after adding my estimations up I came to 180 hours. Yep. That would be about 23 8 hour-long days of working. I would never be able to work 8 hours straight because a) I have a baby b) I don’t have the energy. So if I break it down into 4 hour days, which is doable that puts me at 46 days. A month and a half of painting. Should I go for it? I mean I wouldn’t have to do it straight through, but realistically that would be assuming I got get someone to keep their eye on the baby for four hours 46 times! It would be weekends for the year and I don’t have the luxury of the whole year. I’ll be super tired and busy come June. Sooo..

I need to cut half of each the spending and labor projects. They take up most of my list by the way. And prioritizing will be kind of hard, but it’s doable. Alright I’m going to hammer this down once and for all and post my resolutions next. It’s got to be done.


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