Surprise! Yet Another Random Post

These past two weeks have been flying by so quickly. On Monday everyone’s break ends; the big kids go back to school and my honey goes back to work. While I stay at home (and don’t have anywhere to return to) it will also be time for me to get back in gear. I’ll have to start getting up early again and not have all of this lovely help I’ve had with the baby. I’ve also got to back to my cleaning and cooking schedule.

This week has really been what I consider a waste of 4 days for me. I went to the hospital on Monday and they put me on bed rest. The first 3 days I really didn’t have any energy so even though I wanted to get things done I couldn’t whether they told me to rest or not. Yesterday morning I felt better than I had in days and just did a few things (but not nearly enough). I rested a lot yesterday afternoon and evening but my mind kept reminding me I still have to take the Christmas decorations down. Every time I walked into the bathroom it begged for a cleaning and the 6 loads of laundry that my fiancée started but didn’t finish kept staring at me from the view from my bed. It annoys me that he does laundry like that. He gets the washing part done but why not ever finish? Now we just have a lot of wrinkled clothes. I’d rather he do only one load to completion. Is that bratty of me to think that way? I mean it’s really nice of him to wash the clothes sometimes and I am surely happy he helps but…

I made a list of 64 things I’d like to work on this year but I need to edit it. Sure, all the items would be great to cross off, but (more than) a few of them involve spending money and (a lot) involve laboring for hours on house projects. I need to think it through more thoroughly. I’ll do this by estimating the cost and/or hours for items like that and see if they are realistic enough for the year. Then I’ll change what needs to be changed before publishing my list.

I didn’t include any blogging related resolutions on my list and I really think I should at least have a few. So far I’ve done well with writing often but my posts are all just mind dumps. I don’t know if I should try to plan posts or not. In the past when I have done that I thought too much about the process and got overwhelmed then gave up. While I do want this blog to be a way of getting the thoughts out of my head, I don’t want it to end up a waste of someones time who is trying to read. The main thing I think that I need to keep in mind is that I am doing this writing for me. Of course I want readers and to belong to a community but as I’ve said before, my goal isn’t to impress anyone. This is about the shit in my life anyway, how could that be even remotely impressive. Pressure off.

I do know that I have a fancy camera that I miss using. Id like to get into the habit of posting photos again. **That just made me realize I haven’t watered my lonely plant since the last time I talked about my camera. Be right back!** I am a horrible, terrible plant lady. Poor thing is all dried out, I hope she will be okay. I’ll have you know that I’ll be adding that to my resolution list to replace something.. Keep Peegee (yes, I named my plant) alive.

Okay, well enough non-sense for the day. I’m going to take a shower with the new body wash my daughter gifted to me for Christmas and try to figure out where I can get ornament storage bins ordered from. The town starts tree collections a week from Monday so I better get to ordering some right away.


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