Small Organizing Dillemmas

As suspected I’ve begun sleeping in later and later. I didn’t write yesterday morning because frankly, I was too tired. I stayed in bed until 11:00! That’s certainly unheard of. I wasn’t feeling well to be honest and spent the rest of my day in the emergency room, but more on that later.

This morning I woke up at 5 like normal, but instead of getting up after a half hour I fell back asleep until 7. Lazy bum :) When I woke up I started to look for the date of a doctor’s appointment in my appointment book, that I knew was coming up, but I couldn’t find it! I usually add my appointments to my planner straight away but it was possible that I didn’t catch this one. I decided to look through my purse and got disgusted. It is always impossible to find anything in there as I don’t clean it out regularly. Does that happen to you? My bag is always like a bottomless pit. Filled with coupons, papers, receipts, trash, etc.! It’s impossible to ever find what I’m looking for and admittedly quite embarrassing.

So, it took me a whole ten minutes to clear the whole bag and my wallet out. Ahh. So much better. I didn’t find the appointment card and decided to check my planner one more time for good measure, and sure enough it was written in, I just over looked it. Guess I just really wanted to clean that bag out, hehe.

I have two big problem areas in being organized and I’ve been aware of them for some time but don’t have a solution. Maybe you can help.. First up — coupons. I don’t have a lot of them and only save the ones to the stores I actually shop in or the ones for the products I’ll actually buy. The problem is I can never find them when I need them without doing a massive search, which sometimes isn’t worth it. I want to keep them in my bag but they get lost and destroyed or even forgotten. Any suggestions? I was thinking of getting one of these cool things to hang on the side of my fridge:


I think all of these are really cute. I’d like to get one to hold pens, too. I don’t know that it would solve my purse dilemma though. Maybe I should look for a planner with a pocket in it. I like my planner that I have right now though and it goes through til August so I don’t really want to replace it yet. Hmm. Are there any suggestions out there on coupon storage you could share?

The second organizing dilemma I face is what to do with all of the random crap I don’t have a home for. The little odds and ends that don’t need a whole space of their own but only create clutter without a place of their own. I’m talking about paint chip books, spare parts to things, etc. Stuff one might put in a junk drawer. I got rid of my junk drawer last year and it was freeing so I don’t want to create that mess again. Maybe a larger size of those magnetic bins, just for odds and ends. Unless you have a better suggestion that you could share?! I’m all ears!

Anyway, have a great day, doing whatever you may be doing! Does anyone have any plans or parties coming up tomorrow? We have a tradition here of making homemade pizza on New Years Eve. It’s a lot of fun and something we look forward to. No hardy party here, just quality time in the kitchen :)


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