Random Weird Facts About Me and a Strange Post for Today (because these are the things I think about)

What is it with me and thinking that one of these days we are actually going to win the lottery? I know what the chances are but still I can’t help but to think that I have good odds at being one of those lucky winners, someday. I’m sure everyone at some time or another thinks that though because there wouldn’t be a lottery if no one bought tickets.

I’ve had some strange things happen to me and some odd traits that most people don’t have though. I’m an odd-ball when it comes to life experiences and my genetic pool. Sure a lot of people might have gone through one or two of these things, but all of them? I’d say I have pretty good odds when it comes to being outside of the norm.

I’m going to pull together a little list and see what the occurrence/chance of rate is if I can even find them:

1. I am left handed: about 10% of the population
2. My face was ripped open by freak accident when I was three: couldn’t find the odds
3. I got a hairline fracture in my wrist when I was 8 that will never heal: couldn’t find odds
4. I have an extra rib: 1 in 200
5. Slight scoliosis: 2-3% of Americans
6. I had an outtie belly button until I was about 13: about 10% of people
7. I sucked my thumb til I was about 13: about 9% of people
8. I got scabies because my boyfriend sat on some kids couch and I wore his sweatshirt afterwards when I was 15: about 6-25% of US population
9. I’ve gotten lice twice, once from my niece who I babysat, once from my other niece who the kids brought it home from after staying there: about 1% of US population
10. I’ve had MRSA: about 1% of US population
11. I have fibromyalgia: about 2% of US population
12. I have PTSD: about 3.6% of US population
13. I have 2 scars or moles or things on the top of my scalp right where my natural part goes: I have no idea how to even look this one up

Chances of winning a mega million or powerball lottery about 1 in 175 million. Population of US 316.1 million so odds are about 2%?

I am not good at math and none of those statistics were researched thoroughly, I just did quick google searches so my numbers may be incorrect. My conclusion is though that I have a good chance in winning the lottery.

I also believe there are a few other oddities that I have that I just can’t think of right now. Sure, most of this list might just seem like I have bad luck, but I like to think of it as more as these are the things that make me unique. And that I have good odds in being rare. So, I do think I will win the lottery, just to balance out the negative things :)

Do you have odd things that have happened to you in your life? Are you naturally different from the majority? Have you ever won the lottery?!


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