Christmas Proposal!

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas yesterday had a great day. I know I certainly did! My boyfriend proposed to me! I am so excited! Apparently everyone in our families knew he was going to do it and they were all very excited for us.

A long time ago he sent me a picture of a ring and asked me if I liked it. It was a sapphire ring and while it was pretty it wasn’t really my style. I like simple and not flashy things. I showed him a few rings that were more my style at Tiffany’s. I fully wasn’t expecting that he would get a ring from there but I wanted him to see the styles I liked. He went to the store and got prices on them and damn near had a heart attack. They are pricy and he wanted me to have a big ring. I told him I didn’t want a huge ring but I liked the styles they offered. That was a few years ago and while we talked about getting married and being engaged time went on.

I knew eventually he would ask me and yesterday morning he did! What he was trying to do was set up a scavenger hunt for me and the baby to do together but I didn’t understand how the baby would know what was going on. I gave him a hard time about it and kept asking questions. I should have just played along but I wasn’t sure why he would want to scavenger hunt on Christmas morning. So he gave up on that idea and instead we opened our gifts but the last one he told me I had to wait for.

When it was time for me to open it I was actually trying to figure out who was sending me text messages and what phone number my son was using from his new phone. My boyfriend got impatient and said “put your phone down! open this!” lol I started in on how I missed the kids and I wanted to talk to them blah blah started opening the gift bratty and then saw the little blue box nuzzled inside the larger box he had packed it in. I just sat there for a minute; it was kind of shocking. When I finally opened the ring box I couldn’t believe what I was seeing even though the box gave it away.

My boyfriend started saying sweet and romantic things about us and just as he was about to ask if I’d marry him, the baby (who was climbing in the chair in the adjoining room) fell off the chair and flat on to his face. He started crying and I said “we have to get him!” Lol, this is an example of how our life goes. After we calmed the baby down he started his adorable little speech again and finally asked if I’d marry him. I said “Of course!”

I tried the ring on and it fits but it’s a little tight so I put it back in the box. After we ate though I said was going to see if I could wear it. He really wanted me to wear it for his family party and luckily it doesn’t cut off my circulation :) I wore it all day and can’t tell if my fingers are just swollen or if it needs to be resized. Truth be told I think my fingers are really swollen because we’ve eaten junk for the past 3 days and another reason I won’t get into right now ;)

Anyway, we are engaged!! It is so exciting, I’ve never been engaged before! Despite the three kiddos and a previous marriage, that never worked out for me. Scratch your head if you must. I have no idea when we will actually get married or what type of wedding we will have but I think that will be a super fun thing to figure out.

Well, I’m going to clean up the rest of the Christmas mess in here and get a list together for the supermarket. I can’t wait to cook again, I haven’t made dinner since Monday and our bodies and taste buds need good food again! It’s fun to not cook sometimes but 3 days in a row is too much for me, especially if we are eating junk food instead! I am going to make my boyfriends favorite dinner tonight to celebrate the next stage in our life! Woohoo :) hurray for love!


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