We’ll See How this Goes

Tomorrow is the start of the big kids holiday vacation. They will be off for 12 days before going back to school. 12 days that they can sleep late and hang out with their friends and basically just relax. That’s not good enough for them though, oh no. They both asked me last night if they could stay home today. My daughter accepted the “no” quickly and moved on but my son is being super difficult and ridiculous about it.

He started last night by saying he wasn’t feeling well and “I’m not going if I don’t feel good.” I responded by telling him he was going. Then he started bugging me that his friend who lives in Florida is up here and he has to go to the mall with him because it’s the only day he can go. I again told him he couldn’t stay home. Then he proceeded to harass me about it, first by trying to talk me into it then by becoming mean.

This boy (my son) is on probation and recently got put on a higher level of probation because he was smoking weed and I told his PO about it. That being said, I told him that he was going to school and if he gives me a hard time that I was calling his PO. He said “stop threatening me.” Really, kid? First of all, it’s not a threat, it’s what I will do. Second of all, he is going to end up in juvie because he (by law) has to go to school for one more day before he has a 12 day long break? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’m not surprised by him. Sadly, this has been going on for far longer than I care to admit. I’ve been a push over and he’s bullied me for years. Unfortunately for him I had enough and got help. Now he’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that he can’t just do whatever it is he wants. It’s been hard on him as well as myself but it’s the only way. He is headed down the wrong path in life, expecting everything to be handed to him, expecting that there will be no consequences for his selfish behavior. He’s turning into his father and I am doing everything I can in my power and using all my resources to prevent it.

So, now I have to wake him up for school in 15 minutes. I’m expecting a big fight or just flat out refusal. I’m not going to get worked up. I will wake him up tell him he needs to go and call his PO if I have to. Will they take him away just before Christmas? I don’t know, probably not and I obviously don’t want that, but he is making his own decisions and he needs to be accountable for them, so if they do I can’t feel bad.


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