Christmas Village Tradition

This year my boyfriend and I decided to start some holiday traditions that we could carry on with the baby and each other in the future. I already talked about the Elf on the Shelf and today I wanted to share the beginning of our holiday village.

We decided that each year we will get a new Seasons 52 Department 56 piece for our village but this year we picked out three because one lonely piece would be lonely. The idea is that over the years we will build a full village, complete with a train set and eventually set it all up around the base of the tree. Because the baby is too young to not touch the nice figures we are putting them on the mantel for now and probably will keep them up for at least 5 or 6 years.

The buildings we picked out to start our tradition are from the city collection. There are many beautiful villages to choose from these are perfect for reflecting our lives now. My boyfriend scoured the internet and found some retired pieces to start us off. We were lucky to get the buildings, especially the most special one which he found on eBay. Trying to get the piece turned into a small bidding war, so it was extra fun for him. Thankfully he won and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The buildings we ordered were the Brew House, the Coca Cola Bottling Company and a brownstone with stores at the bottom.


The importance of the brew house is the love of good beer my boyfriend has. He rarely drinks but when he does it is to enjoy a good beer, not to get drunk. I always liked that about him because I am the opposite and just like to drink. He’s introduced me to some really nice brews and now I enjoy the experience instead of just getting hammered ;)


The importance of the Coca Cola factory is that when I was pregnant with the baby my biggest craving was Coca Cola! Nothing else would do and to this day I have trouble giving it up. It’s all I wanted to drink and still it is my favorite beverage. Seriously, I am obsessed with it and get made fun of all the time.


The last building, the brownstone, is important because we live in a twin home and while our home isn’t as pretty as the village piece, we pretend that it’s our house. I even picked out “our home” above the florist shop (so it will always smell like flowers) and tell the baby that’s where we live. Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Aside from the buildings he ordered a few figurines and accessories to go with the buildings. There is a brew master tapping a keg, a family walking together, two boys sledding, and three men hanging lights. He also ordered small string lights that he attached to the brown stone and a ladder for the men to hang lights with. The last thing he ordered this year was a snow mat but that still needs to be put out.

The village is beautiful and it was a lot of fun to pick out our first pieces. I love that my boyfriend gets excited to create this little display and look forward to picking out a new piece each year that will relate to our lives in some way. This tradition will be a fun experience that we can involve the kids in and hopefully build wonderful memories along the way!

Do you have any family holiday traditions that have carried on over the years? Are you starting new ones this year like us? How about a Christmas village, do you have one and have any tips to share about building a beautiful collection?


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