Treasure Hunter

Yesterday morning was quite aggravating and turned into a small mission for me when I was trying to fill my sons medication. He has ADHD and needs to take Concerta every day or else all hell breaks loose. He’s been on it for over two years and I’ve never had a problem getting it filled until earlier this week.

When I tried to drop the script off on Thursday at my regular pharmacy, they said, “let me check to see if we have it in stock.” When the pharmacist came back to the window she said “we don’t have it. We’ve ordered it multiple times but it hasn’t come in. We don’t know what the problem is.” I was frustrated but she told me to try back the next day after their order comes in at 3pm. Since I had enough left for him to take on Friday I drove off and didn’t think too much of it.

Yesterday morning I called the pharmacy to see if it was in stock yet or if I’d have to go to another one of their locations. The girl was nice on the phone and said she didn’t have it in stock and offered me a solid reason. Apparently the government pulled the approval for the generic brands; this means if the script didn’t have the generic name specifically listed they were not allowed to substitute the brand name. Because they always give out the generic they never actually have Concerta in stock. Then she said this was a country-wide issue therefore Concerta was far behind in manufacturing and everyone was looking for it. Fuck me. It wasn’t the girls fault so I thanked her and decided to try my luck at another location.

The next place I called wouldn’t give me any information on the phone. The guy was kind of obnoxious and said it was the corporate policy. I told him that another one of their stores was able to tell me that they didn’t have it and how much of pain it would be if I had to drive to their place only to find out they didn’t have it. He wouldn’t budge so I hung up on him and called yet another store. This time the girl was nice and again helpful but said they also did not have it in stock. I was so aggravated and beginning to panic. He needs his medicine, this cannot be stressed enough.

I figured since I called three stores and two were able to tell me they didn’t have it in stock there was a chance that the difficult guy couldn’t tell me that they did have it in stock. So I took the drive and it turns out they were able to fill it. But after all that guess what? They filled it with the generic. So they won’t break company policy and tell me if it is in stock over the phone but they will break laws and dispense generics. Hmm. Whatever. I am completely relieved that he has his medication. That would have been horrible because I’d have to wait two days until the doctor’s office opens to get a new script. That would have been ultra messy and not fun at all.

I’ll still need to call the doctors on Monday to see if they will write a new script for next month, but that isn’t urgent or pressing and can be resolved. I haven’t done any research on the issue with the Concerta/government/generic but I guess I’ll google it now and see what I can find.


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