Random Topics for a Saturday Morning

I haven’t given any of my posts much thought before I started writing them but usually before I start typing some general idea pops into my mind and offers direction. Today the only things I could think to write about where morning sex and houseplants. Neither of them seem like proper topics though as I’d feel uncomfortable discussing the first and the later only leaves me with one semi-dead plant to speak of. Plus it’s still dark out and not conducive for taking pictures of my lonely plant.

Elf on the Shelf
For the first year we are doing the Elf on the Shelf with our little one. He’s only 18 months and couldn’t care less. When we ask where “Elfie” is he will find him, then stare suspiciously for a second or two and quickly move on with his life. He enjoys reading the book most nights but is more impressed with the drawing of the truck on the back cover than with the story. I think next year he will have more fun with it. I hope so anyway because it’s kind of hard finding a new spot for that elf every freaking night.

The people who have Instagrams showing off their elf accomplishments have far more talent than I do and obviously don’t go to bed at 7pm.

Write a cookbook
My boyfriend is the most supportive person in my life. He’s always encouraging me to do something great. He tells me all the time how much he loves my cooking and on many occasions he’s said that I should write a cookbook. I always take this as him just being nice and as a way for him to compliment me but the other night I realized that I think he is being dead serious about it.

I know that I am a good cook. In fact, I’ll pat my back and say I’m a really good cook, but aside from skill it is because I use recipes. Sure, I make stuff up occasionally and I almost always change a few things when I’m cooking from a recipe, but coming up with a books worth of my own recipes, from scratch? I’d assume that’s how that works and I don’t think I’m that talented.

Anyway, I am thinking about how that works and decided that at the very least I should actually read some of my cook books instead of just skipping straight to the recipes. Just to see what they are about anyway.

Another idea that has bounced in my head is starting a catering but not quite catering business. I’d want something small that would help people eat well during the week or be someone people would turn to for small parties. I know life is busy for most people and if I could offer something that would give them 4-5 super yummy meals a week with enough leftovers for lunches, that would be awesome! I think people would want that service, so long as the food is delicious and price is reasonable enough to fall in line with their monthly food budget.

It’s a big idea though and will take some big planning so I will keep brainstorming. I started light reading on how to start a catering business and while it is 50/50 on the doable scale I know there is still a lot more to know.

My Dad’s birthday
Tomorrow my Dad will turn 70 and tonight there will be a party for him at one of his favorite restaurants. His (my) family will be there and I hope that he is looking forward to it as much as I am. I can’t believe he is 70 and after some quick math I realized that when my youngest is my age, I will be turning 70, too. That is funny to me because I always loved being the young mom to my teens but now I’m the old mom to my little one.

I didn’t know what to get him for a gift but we’ve had a few talks about homemade pizza over the years so I decided to get him a nice pizza stone from Emile Henry and some gourmet seasoning to add to his pizza sauce. I hope he will like it and use it. We are also getting him a good cigar as a back up. He likes cigars and will probably like that part of his gift the best.

I have no idea what to wear tonight as I am too fat to fit into any of my nice clothes. Lol. That is true and I have two, no three, reasons not buy anything new. The first is that I am stubborn and don’t want to buy anything until I’ve lost weight, the second is that I don’t have the money to waste on something that won’t fit long, the third is that I have an announcement to make in a few weeks that is preventing me from loosing any weight ;). I could make my announcement here because no one is even reading but to be respectful of letting my family know first I’ll just shut up!

Well this wraps up my writing for the day. It feels good to have written 900 words and run a spell check that only points out hidden verbs, passive voice and complex expressions! Have a nice weekend getting ready for the approaching holiday or doing whatever it is you may be doing otherwise!


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