Christmas Let Down?

With Christmas less than a week away I can’t help but think about all the gifts I wish that I could afford to buy this year. My daughter gave me an extensive list of things that she wanted, but I only got her one of them. In Christmases past my older kids have woken up to find mountain sized piles of toys wrapped up under the tree. My ex and I were crazy and thought it would be nice to give them the type of Christmas that as children we wished we could have. That plan eventually backfired and only resulted in spoiled and entitled children.

Since we split up the only logical thing to do was to split the gifts up. We each gave them fewer items and I usually spent about $150 on each of them and he the same, maybe a little more. This year I tried to come in around the same price, but things are expensive! Especially the things they want. My son wants a cell phone again, but I can’t afford the monthly bill. My daughter wants a lot of things, none are too expensive but some are. I got her one of those items and it ate more than half her budget.

I hope their father out does me this year. Last year he got them ipads and I was grateful. I have a feeling they will be disappointed this year. By me and their father. Oh well, it is what it is and I am doing the best I can. I hope and think they will be grateful but I guess we will see.


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